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Coffee in hand and ready to save, save, save!!!

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Love a hangover, spend free bank holiday!!

OK, so I've said several times how I've let things slip slightly (just not keeping the closest eye on money and where its going!)

I desperately wanted to go out yesterday, but the weather wasn't great, which would mean more taxis at more cost and probably me spending a fortune!! I decided against it, and wow I'm so glad I did!! My friends are all delicate :rotfl: I'm not! Cleaned the house last night instead, lit candles and got stuck into a good book.

So I've flicked YouTube on this morning and got money mindset on in the background, steaming hot coffee next to me with note books and highlighters. I'm planning on some serious savings by Christmas 2019. I have had savings, but had to use a lot last month/this month. So really need to build them back up as soon as possible.
I love a good, financial planning day!

Will update later on plan...


  • Plan for next few months is organised and ready to work to get my savings back up.

    I've managed to work a few more hours overtime this week, and an extra 4 hours tonight... Roll on bedtime, but needs must!

    I've limited myself money wise for this month to rebuild savings. If I can stick to my more than normal smaller budget and stick to the overtime I've planned; then by the end of June I should have minimum of £2500 back in my savings.

    It'll make me feel much better to be over £2000 again, as its scary how quickly that money can go when things go wrong and I never, ever want to end up in debt again.

    My car insurance is due next month, so will get on with searching for cheapest (hard as I'm a new ish driver) hoping it's come down more than last year!!

    So need a good bulk of savings to pay car tax, MOT, and yearly insurance next month. I'd rather over budget than under budget, so I'm going to budget £1300 for all car related things... With the hope of it passing MOT and having a little change.

    I'll see how much it is for the yearly insurance because if its not come down much, thi k I'll pay monthly again instead of paying such a big lump sum out in one.

    Better get back to work and get a large coffee for tonight's stint!

    At least I get a lie in tomorrow :-)
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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  • As usual more costs this month, but all paid for in hard earned cash and not on credit! :)

    By end of June I should just about be able to get my savings back upto £1,800. Not the £2500 I wanted, but I was being slightly unrealistic in my budget and need to remind myself that I'm not in debt and as long as I'm saving a minimum of 10% of wage every month, I dont need to beat myself up and punish myself by giving myself tiny budgets to live on.

    I've re-do a realsitc budget today to take me upto the end of the year. By December 2018, I aim to have £5000 in savings minimum. Any more will be amazing, but this is what I aim to 100% have saved.

    I had originally wanted to have saved £10,000, but it just wasn't realistic with the cost of life, bills etc. If I was sooooo, extremely strict I could get closer to this, but could also feel fed up, so I'm giving myself some breathing space.

    PAY DAY on Friday... Will send money to where it needs to be for the month and the get the cash out I've budgeted for the month with the intention of not touching my bank account again throughout July.
  • Firsr NSD if the week!

    Hoping for at least 4 this week.

    I'll need petrol and fridge bits towards the end of the week.
  • Managed to get my emergency fund back upto £1,900, which is a relief... Very nerve wracking when it's in the small hundreds... A complete change in personality, as I never even had an emergency fund until I came on here!

    As I don't own a credit card or anything anymore, it's scary when things go wrong as I hate seeing the hard earned money I've saved disappear, but then again it's better that slapping it on a credit card like I have done for years!

    A family member has told me to get a credit card again and rebuild my history, but at the moment I can't even think about owning one again! To be honest I don't trust myself, so would rather stay clear for now.

    I logged onto my online banking the other day and a page popped up... Would you like a personal loan... It actually made my stomach turn... Had far too many of those in the past too and paid out half my wage to pay them back... No thank you!!!

    Most bills for the month paid (just £10 phone bill to pay half way through the month) Filled car up with petrol and will make sure I use the car less this month... No more topping up, once its gone that's it.

    I spent the weekend getting the gifts together I need for July and started some of August and even bought a couple of small Xmas gifts!! All on offer :)
    I have decided to cut back some what this Xmas, as every year I spend far too much... In the past because I stuck most of it in a credit card or used a payday loan and then stressed about it after Xmas. Last year, I paid for every single present out of my own money (wow, that felt good!) I'll obviously do the same this year, but wont go overboard... Its the little things here and there that end up costing a fortune. I've cut back with gifts too and just bought small token gifts as it really is just silly money.

    Emergnecy Fund update:
    1st July stands at £1,900
    1st Aug-£2500 (minimum-will try for some wiggle room and add some more)
    1st Sep-£3100
    1st Oct-£3700
    1st Nov-£4300
    1st Dec-£5000

    I aim to have a minimum of £5,000 saved Jan 2020. This will make a fabulous start to 2020 :)
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