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Student Shopping & Eating...Quick



  • As students we have sacked using beef mince, as it costs a lot to get the better grade that isnt grissle and fat, and are now using soya mince in our dishes. We buy it from Holland and Barratts where its under £2 for a bag which lasts us the equivalent of 6 packs of mince. There are 2 options plain old simple or beef flavoured, we prefer the beef flavoured and if you use a beef stock cube when you re-hydrate it it gives it a bit more mince flavour.
    Its soooooooo much cheaper!
  • When i lived in catered halls of residence we were given breakie and evening meal, so just had to fend for ourselves for lunch. Unfortunately the shared kitchens were a nightmare, and things went missing as soon as put in. E.g. whole jar of mayonnaise, that when i enquired, some drunk lads had just chucked out of the window (i wouldn't have minded someone eating some - but that was pure waste)

    I would firstly make sure i ate as much as i could at these two meals and could often then manage on a choccie bar only for lunch - not very nutritious, but cheap and tasty.

    or, i would make sure that i got fruit as a pudding, and a bread roll and butter, which i could then easily make into a lunchtime sarnie - e.g. banana sandwich if i'd picked up a banana, or tin of tuna, which i could keep in my room.

    Of course, in winter there were a few more options as i could keep things like butter, milk, hanging outside the window in a carrier bag to keep it cool. It opened up the option of toasted sandwiches, cereal for lunch after a cooked breakfast.

    I think cooking in groups, or at least purchasing in groups was a life saver. My friends also loved it because i worked in the chippie, and usually brought home some free chips, or if they popped in i would give them an extra large portion which they could share.

    Them were the days - i don't know how i spend so much now cos at one point i lived on less than a tenner a week for food and we always ate well (although mostly veggie).
  • Hellfire
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    and there is me buying sandwiches left right and centre. suppose I can find it in me do discipline myself and actually prepare some food... i'm not vegetarian and love quite a bit of meat which of course is expensive but perhaps i should look into alternatives.

    the above suggestions are all very useful.

    i would add that cooking a bit of brown rice and then dress it with some cheese provides a very nutritious and low cost meal. this is one of the very few dishes i bother to cook however.
    ok, so i'm hot... ;) :cool:
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    I'm sure there is a thread on the student board about food as well. :D

    Don't forget economy orange juice as this will provide you with 100% of the recommended vitamin c and goes nice with vodka. ;)
  • Im a student and I have been living on £10 a week food budget ever since i started uni (be in 3rd year in sep) £20 would be living like a king for me.
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    Go veggie - cheaper products, and no-one steals your food!
    Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
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  • Asda has helpfully produced a few pages of student tips on their website. There are easy recipes to prepare, checklist of documents and essential basics to buy for kitchen cupboard and cleaning products. I expect this info will be removed soon after term time. So make a note of the recipes and info
    (There's also a competition to try and win a laptop.)
    Also use and
    to help you shop and find your way around your new area.
    A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist :j
  • chachiluz
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    HAd a go at the ASDA students website and it has changed. The following is the correct one:
  • ListerS wrote: »
    ......Students need your HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How rude ;)

    I'm a student, as is my partner, yes we're both mature (26 and 30) which prob makes a difference, and we eat home cooked well balanced meals every day, shopping at not only the supermarket, butchers and greengrocers, but also the asian (indian and chinese) supermarkets, we spend between £50/£60 some weeks, but that also incudes keeping the freezer full of reduced meat and batched cooked meals...we frequently spend £30 a week between us when we are using up the stuff in the freezer because it's overflowing.

    So we're not all desperate hopeless fools filling our bodies with rubbish!:D

    Today we've got a roast chicken dinner, which we'll have today, and then bubble and squeek with leftovers tomorrow, freeze some portions of chicken to use at other times and use the bones to make stock for soup.

    It's funny actually because I'm a first year and all the younger students are talking about moving out of halls into shared houses for next year, and some of them are so blind to what it's like in the real world. There is a young girl on my course who lives with her parents currently playing nothing for board, she is planning to move out into a shared house and I was explaining how much better off she would be staying at home finance wise but she knows best and wants her freedom. I sometimes wish someone would let me live in their house for free while I'm studying! Anyway I've got right off on one so I'll stop now!
    *wonders when they will make dressing gowns acceptable day wear?*
    No new toiletries challenge - use up the stash first!
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    I lived on stir-fries as a student (well my undergrad degree at least by the time I'd gotten to my postgrad degree I'd learnt the joys of Sunday bulk cooking and having a lucky dip soup from the freezer for lunch and a lucky dip HM ready meal from the freezer for my evening meal).

    So my undergrad week menu/shopping list would have looked like this:

    £1 bag of stir-fry mixed veg from Tesco
    Diced turkey (I figured out early it was cheaper than chicken and I didn't eat other meats). (About £2 now will do two stir fries)
    Alternated between rice and noodles.
    Nights when I wasn't going out I'd make: Tuna pasta bake with sweetcorn and peppers too. That would do two nights. Pasta with tuna and pasatta and a bit of paprika and cayenne pepper. Sometimes added prawns to this.
    Lunches were left-over stir-fry into a tortilla. Almost always took three pieces of fruit to uni for snacking on. Never had breakfast!

    Never bought any food on the way home from a night out but almost always my friends would follow me home for a fishfinger sandwich before going to bed!

    My housemates and I took turns in making the roast dinner on Sundays which worked out cheaper but the quality of the meal varied from week to week... and one of my housemates loved sloppy stuffing so we had that every third week bleugh!
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