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I wonder if any of the tech bods here can help me understand how my number can be released (to certain organisations) even though I have it set to withhold number?

I had this with two of the large mobile phone networks where I made a sales call checking on deals, then after the call I got text messages.

Then as per my post below it happened months apart with two calls to a government agency.

Is it possible that there is something in the network that releases my number even when off, as it does when I dial 999?

Anybody here worked in the industry and could tell me how this happens?

Jakubk wrote: »
I am not usually one of the tin foil or conspiracy theory brigade but something happened last week that I find disturbing, so I am seeking some advice.

We all have on our mobile phones an option to WITHOLD NUMBER and when we use this I feel we have a reasonable expectation of PRIVACY.

I.E. We do NOT expect an organidation or government agency to covertly identify our number and store it.

In the past I have had mobile phone companies with whom I do NOT have a contract grab my number and send me a text before, but this time it is a Government Agency.

A few months ago I made an equiry of the Land Registry on the phone number 0300 006 0411, I called again last week and they knew my name, I asked them how did they know it was me and they said "er you told me" to which I replied "I most certainly did not, I am making a generic enquiry and have not told you anything". I then probed further and they admitted that my number had come up on their system and they had opened up my "record".

I spoke to the ICO about this and they said I was right to be concerned, they said that at the very least I should be informed BEFORE my number is taken and given an option to end the call or opt out. They also said they could see no justification, they could not think of a legitimate reason and the lack of transparency was an issue.

What I would like to know is whether they are also breaking the law in some sort of communications act, I seem to remember that there are radio telecoms acts to do with this?

If the Land Registry can do this and automatically populated a database then I guess any and all Government Departments can which is a bit Big Brotherish.


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    Remember that even though your number is withheld it would still be possible to get access to the call records from the phone company, though this has safeguards in place before it even gets that far, ie if there was a legitimate need for the police for whoever to get those records, so general enquiries does not fall under this category.

    While the option is on the phone it should be assumed that it is not on permanently and its easy to disable by accident. Dialling 141 should achieve the same effect on a per call basis and would not "cancel out" the setting on the phone, however this may only apply if you call a number on the same network or if you're not roaming. 141 strictly only applies to landlines but seems to have spread to common usage for mobiles too.

    An archive post on this forum suggests that despite what you tell the network and the phone to do (withhold the number) the equipment at the other end could be set to ignore it - if you call 999/112 for example.
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    Withholding your number only sets a flag when you call. As above, it's possible to have a system that ignores that flag and shows the number.

    This isn't a system that 'normal' company's could use, but I could see that gov dept's might have it.
    Obviously you can't hid your number from the network you're using as they have to route the call, so they will always have a record of who and when you called everyone.
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    Considering that the OP has got 2 separate threads on this and he claims that multiple companies have got his number despite being 'blocked' you would have thought that he might have worked out that it isn't really blocked.
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