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Which is the better brand Airsprung or Silent Night?

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Which is the better brand Airsprung or Silent Night?

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littly_kittylittly_kitty Forumite
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edited 20 May 2019 at 7:03PM in I wanna buy-it or do-it
I got an Airsprung Pocket Sprung (single size) mattress from Argos.

It's not even 8 months!old and it's gone all saggy and no longer usable.

They said I can’t have a refund, but I can pick a replacement.

I don’t like memory foam, so out of the Pocket Sprung Single size ones, they only have Silent Night and Airsprung.

The Airsprung is a no turn mattress, which I understand don’t last as long.
The Silent Night is a turnable mattress which I understand will last longer, but I’ve seen lots of negative reviews about Silent Night in the past. Having said that it has a Which best buy rating, so maybe it’s not as bad as it seems?

I’d love to hear some opinions especially from someone who has used both Airsprung and Silent Night.

Also is the term orthopaedic mattress just marketing or is it more durable?


  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    How are the which best buys chosen? Just the figures on paper or do they send out a sizeable number for people to test in the rear world?

    People that roll and turn and have restless sleep or heavier than average etc etc...

    Best gadget tested in brand Y's lab is..... Brand Y

    Best gadget tested in brand X's lab is..... Brand X

    Gave up with reviews, far too many conflicting info.
    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

  • Mimi86Mimi86 Forumite
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    I've had a silent night mattress for many years without any problems
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    I bought a Silent Night, non-turnable mattress for an adjustable bed a while back - haven't slept so well in years. It just requires twist head to tail every few weeks they say, although I twist it head to tail each time I change the bed. It might be the combination of the new mattress with the bed but I'm very pleased with it, and the mattress was specifically for an adjustable bed.

    Make sure that the mattress you buy is suitable for the type of base you have - some are only suitable for solid base, others for slats - it does make a difference, not only for comfort but for wear.
  • I've got a silent night mattress and I was changing the bedding yesterday and I noticed there a hole in mattress, could only been done by spring.... I had no hole in sheets over the time I had it . I turn the mattress regular too. I bought the mattress from Dreams. The bed frame going strong but I will need replace mattress before bed frame
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