Tesco 5 litre thin bleach 90p - bargin or money wasting?

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Tesco are selling thin bleach for 90p, anyone have any experience using this?
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  • Lily54Lily54 Forumite
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    I usually buy the 2 litre bottle for 40p, haven't seen the 5 litre size. It does the job.
  • BacmanBacman Forumite
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    Thin bleach can't be as good as thick bleach as by definition when you put it in your loo it will go straight down through the water rather than sticking to the sides of the pan so you can use the brush more effectively. In saying that, if it works, fine - after all you aren't eating it, it goes down the loo anyway!
  • frugalmacdugalfrugalmacdugal Forumite
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    at that price it's ok for spraying on patio and paving stones to freshen them up, just spray and leave or brush in for dirtier bits.
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  • sarah1972sarah1972 Forumite, Ambassador
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    I don’t buy or use bleach but I guess it all depends on what you use it for as to whether it’s a bargain or good.

    If it’s to bleach clothes I would imagine it’s good
    Spraying shower tiles and grout, just as good
    Patios etc just as good.

    Putting down loos I have never understood why people do that but if you use it for that then I can’t imagine it would stick as good as thick bleach.
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  • wild666wild666 Forumite
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    Thin bleach is more for floors than toilet bowls or removing stains from white clothes or sheets
    Someone please tell me what money is
  • Matty36Matty36 Forumite
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    Bleach is bleach as far as im concerned.. Get the cheapest one u can find
  • ilovechristmas1ilovechristmas1 Forumite
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    not for me,when i used it years go i always managed to splash on clothes

    i find thick bleach better for toilets etc as it clings and wastage is less as its easier to use and direct the amount you use

    but if you find it good sounds a good price
  • Fire_FoxFire_Fox Forumite
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    I get Asda Smartprice thin bleach (38p, 2 litres). Thin bleach is good for certain tasks.

    I sometimes slosh thin bleach around the cat's litter tray after the 'main clean' and/ or sloshing around my bath after cleaning the cat's litter tray.

    Cannot imagine having to manhandle or store a five litre bottle of thin bleach though! :eek:
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  • JRjuniorJRjunior Forumite
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    I also buy the Asda smart price bleach - does the job
  • peewhyeffpeewhyeff Forumite
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    Good enough for what I bought it for......to clean the slime and algae on the outside of the greenhouse. Thick bleach would need diluting anyway for this job.
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