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Mattress unfit for base

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val99val99 Forumite
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In February I bought a Dreamer Mattress, which is what the Travelodges use. It has to be turned every week for the first few months, which we are doing, only I sleep in it , in the morning that side has a dip.
I complained to Sleepeezee where we bought it from, to be told it should be on a firm base, not sprung slats like we have, but nobody told us this before we bought it, and as far as I can see its not mentioned on their website.
What are my rights


  • cranfordcranford Forumite
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    I always thought is was up to the buyer to decide what kind of mattress suits the base type that you have.
    What kind of mattress did you have on the base before?
    In the absence of any guidance on the Sleepeeze web site then your only redress could be to take them to court and that will cost you.
    I assume that you bought it online and thus did not discuss with a retailer.

    Read this article on the John Ryan beds web site.

    When I bought a new mattress I followed their recommendation and boarded over my slats with MDF for about £20.
  • troffaskytroffasky Forumite
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    cranford wrote: »
    When I bought a new mattress I followed their recommendation and boarded over my slats with MDF for about £20.

    I'm no legal expert but I don't think £20 gets one very far in the courts. £20 worth of timber sounds like a pretty sensible approach to me.
  • DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    You'd have the right to complain that the mattress is unfit for the base it's been paired with if you had been advised that it was suitable. However, there's nothing in your post to suggest this happened.

    In a court claim situation, your due diligence would be examined. No one can say for sure whether the judge on the day would think you did enough. Personally, I wouldn't rate your chances, so the practical solution above looks like the best option at this point.
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