Makita petrol pole hedge trimmer?

My battery powered pole trimmer is getting tedious to use and I am helping elderly friends with more hedge than the battery one can manage, as well as my own hedges.

I quite fancy a petrol pole trimmer, especially the 4 stroke Makita series. However, the manual says branch diameter of 7mm, various adverts mention 21.5mm. I am guessing it will cleanly cut 7mm or chew through a branch of 21.5mm...

Any thoughts on the capabilities of these Makita trimmers?



  • My choice is Black + Decker. A machine is designed for decorative cutting of manicured hedges of medium size in width and height. However, if necessary, she can cope with long untouched bushes. Her knives are sharpened with a diamond tool and therefore even dry branches are easily cut. And in case of falling between the knives of some durable object, the protection will work, and the motor will simply turn off.
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    I bought a Makita 4 stroke pole trimmer. It is fantastic, but heavy.
    With these you need to avoid using the choke, otherwise it can be hard to start. Cutting quite thick branches is no problem.
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    I bought a £50 battery pole pruner from Lidl a few weeks ago to tackle a specific job where climbing with a chain saw wasn't an option.

    So far, so good, with quite large branches coming down easily and safely. I don't expect it to last very long, but if it completes the jobs I have lined-up, it won't owe me anything, being 1/10 of the price of my chain saw and the batteries interchangeable with other tools I have.
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