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Being housebound and with no transport,I've used Tesco's home delivery service for many years without a problem but now I'm having to find an alternative.They are axing 20% of their products but in my case.it's 25 of the 40 items I buy regularly.With the next cheapest alternative offered,my weekly shopping bill will rise from £70.00 to around £92.00.For medical reasons I can only drink bottled water-I don't drink tea,coffee.juice,soft drinks etc.I was more than happy with the own brand but this has now gone-the next cheapest is three times the price.Same with basics such as toilet paper,their own brand has gone,the next cheapest is also three times the cost.Many other items have simply disappeared with no alternative.Tesco say they are doing this to compete with ALDI,Lidl etc-I think they've shot themselves in the foot.I can't get out to shop in these discount stores unfortunately but Sainsbury's and even Waitrose now work out cheaper for home delivery.!


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