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Ugh! I've done so well with saving and having a nice buffer, but anything that could of gone wrong has gone wrong these last couple of weeks. Which has severly eaten up my emergency fund! I'm cross with myself that I booked a holiday (even though I had plenty of EF left over at the time)
Anyway, through Everything deciding to go wrong and me being slightly less careful then I should of. I've now only got £200 EF :( I'm so gutted to see it go down from the £1000s.
Up side is I haven't used any credit and I had that EF buffer to pay for everything that decided to got wrong.
I just feel unsafe at the moment without that big buffer. I can get it back up towards £1000/1200 on pay day (end of the month) that just feels forever away!
I know some people might think, shut up you aren't in debt etc but I have been for so long, Im just on edge that nothing else goes wrong.
it's made me realise how so very important an EF is.

Has anyone else had a biggish EF then had to spend most of it?


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    I had a sizable amount in savings, took some out to buy a car/insurance/tax and it hurt seeing the money go down. I have a 14 year old car to show for it.

    I've cashed in most of my s&s ISA so I can pay a debt off and build up an account for f&f offers on my others.

    I'm only working part-time at the moment and it will take me about 15 months to get the money back together.

    You've raised your EF once, you can do it again and you have a holiday to look forward to!
  • Thank you moving forward. You're right, I've done it once and can do it again, just gutting to see so much s gone, but suppose better than adding it to credit cards like I would of done in the past.

    Going to remake a plan tonight and get it built up again.
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