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I'm in a temporary job at the moment and it's due to last around 4 months. My employer has told me I've been enrolled into an auto enrolment pension. I'll put in 3% of my monthly salary and my employer puts in 7.5%.

I think I've made a couple of contributions to AE, totalling only about £20, in a previous temp job.

I don't really understand it and was hoping for some help.

1. When my job ends a few months, where does the money I've built up go?

2. Is there a website (similar to Government Gateway) where I can see my auto enrolment balance?

3. At what age do I receive this pension and how is the pension I receive calculated?

4. I've made a few contributions at a previous employer. Do I need to inform my current employer of this?

I'm sure I've got more questions but these are the main ones off the top of my head.


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    1. With the pension provider (PP), your employer must give you their details and you receive a welcome pack /letter from the PP.
    2. You can log on to the PP site and it will show you.
    3. State pension age, unless you specified a different age.
    4. No.
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    The contributions are held by the AE provider against your name/N.I number and so in theory you could have many different employers but each of them are paying into the same pot.

    The provider will have their own site - chances are the provider is NEST in which case you can register and view your pension. You should receive a pack from the provider and you should have had the opportunity to withdraw from any scheme.

    There is a guide on MSE which explains AE - hopefully someone can post a link.
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