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    First Anniversary Xmas Saver!
    Well done on being so strict with yourself with the 2nd job!! I used to do mobile spray tanning and could cringe at the amount of money I made and wasted because it was just "there".

    You sound to have everything in hand and halving the bills next month will be great for your bank balance. I've done an online shop today, being delivered tomorrow so I am all set for next week. I am half way through blitzing my house also as I'm going to ATTEMPT a car boot tomorrow lol x
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    Third Anniversary Home Insurance Hacker! Cashback Cashier
    *sigh* I have not had the best couple of weeks (financially) since I last posted and have had to use money from my EF to pay for a new washing machine - I suppose that's what it's there for though and at least I had the money there ready to pay for it rather than trying to stick it on a credit card or something!

    I've not managed to stick to the meal plan consistently and trips to Subway have been far too frequent! This means I don't have any money left over from my spending pot this month, but ce la vie - it could be worse. I've managed to get a few more maternity bits that I'm hoping will get me through now.

    Updated to do list:
    * Go through boxes and bags in spare room - organise/put away/charity box/sell pile as required still working on this, it's going to take some time!
    * Re-organise boiler cupboard still being used as a storage space, but it's getting there
    * Treat front and back grass
    * Purchase vac-pack bags for Winter clothes purchased but need to put things in and sort them
    * Purchase new bedding I'd like another set to go against the one we've got
    * Wash and dry new bedding
    * [STRIKE]Get in touch with bed company re. broken slat and headboard[/STRIKE] we got given 15% back, and sent out the new headboard, etc
    * [STRIKE]Complain about delivery company not delivering mattress on time[/STRIKE]

    This week's to-do list (trying to be more reasonable with what I can actually achieve!):

    * put new headboard and slats together
    * stick to the meal plan this week!
    * call phone company re. sim only deal
    * treat front and back grass
    * empty washing/ironing basket by the end of the week
    * keep up with team TOMM jobs
    * find a new bedding set
    * make next week's to-do list!!
    LBM: October 2016: £20,130 / Current: May 2019: £12,576 37.53%
    DFD: [STRIKE]February 2024[/STRIKE] April 2022?
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