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I had a diary on here before but I'm desperate for a fresh start. I managed to clear almost all of my debt and looking at the progress I had made is making me feel really guilty because now, a year on from being so close to debt freedom, I'm back to square one. £13,421.77 to be exact. How did I let things get back to here? I feel like I've failed, can I just rewind 12 months please?

So today is the day I'm going to change my spending ways and do something about it. Again..


  • Purplemumof2Purplemumof2 Forumite
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    Welcome back,

    You haven't failed, it's just a blip that's all.

    Keep going!

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    Ok you’re back at what feels like square one, but at least you have realised now and not later down the line when the debt would be higher.
    Did anything change or did you get complacent and think it would be ok.

    You know what to do and how to get rid of the debt so you have a better start than others.
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    Thank you for your encouragement Pmo2 and Lou! This forum really helped on my journey before and I was so inspired by everyone.

    We have bought a house which needs a lot of work but that's not even an excuse because only thing house related was a building inspection on my credit card (£750 or so out of £13k!). I really have very little to show for this amount of money, it's just wasted, I feel so guilty sabotaging myself.

    I'll post my totals later and work out what needs tackling first especially as my interest free period runs out soon on my credit card. I have lots I can put on eBay and a lot of it is summer stuff (2 and a half stone on in 12 months too) so I'll start there, it's probably a good time to list summer clothes. Debts and diet completely self sabotaged!
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    Hi stopspends just wanted to say hello! I'm in a pretty similar situation myself, this time last year I had half of my debt paid off and I'm now back to a similar total! Perhaps we can spur each other on to stick at it!!
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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    I'm back (again) and this time properly. So much uncertainty in the employment world at the moment and the prospect of losing my job/income with this much debt TERRIFIES me. I'm waiting for a balance transfer + fee to go through then will post totals but I think it'll be £16,168.89. If I look at the overall figure I get a bit overwhelmed by it...

    11 (weekly) pay days until Christmas and it would be really nice to be in the £14k bracket by then, totally do-able, so that's the first mini goal. 

    Does anyone have any advice on staying motivated/resisting the splurge?
  • RelievedSheffRelievedSheff PPR Forumite
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    I find that setting myself little goals and targets helps. I like to achieve a goal or target so find that those keep me on track.

    Break the debt down into smaller goals which will seem more achieveable than one large number.
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