Help! Need Net Bags from Washing Tablets

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About 10 years ago, I went through a spell of using washing tablets.
I used to save the bags and reuse the same one as they lasted ages.

A few months ago I was clearing junk and came across about 5 or so of the little mesh bags. As I hadn't found a use for them over the years, I chucked them.

But now, just weeks after I threw them I've found an important use for them! I can't believe it!

I checked the washing tablets of Persil, Aldi own brand, Morrisons own brand and Asda own brand but nobody seems to include the little bag anymore. Great for the environment and all that but not for me in this situation.

I can't think of anything else to use in it's place either. A sock or something won't really do as it's a bit too dense. The little bags are just the right size as well!

Can anyone think of where I could get one?
I don't mind buying washing tablets to get one as I could use them anyway.



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