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PENALTY Charge Notice Sticker with PARKING Charge Notice Inside!

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I discovered a PENALTY Charge Notice yellow sticker with a camden issued PARKING charge notice inside on my car today in a Camden borough estate where I live.

From the research I have done thus far I believe this is what you call ALMO and the parking is enforced by NSL. Members on the forum have stated the process to appealing is different/complex, can anyone clarify the process for me?


Coupon-Mad advised someone earlier in the month on this forum about NSL and to contact Steve Clark of BPA about the inability to pay online. The only instructions I have been given is to pay via telephone and appeals have to be postal. Excuse my lack of knowledge, this is the first time I have had to deal with a windscreen ticket but this ticket looks non compliant, incomplete and almost fraudulent. The 2 other occasions I have received ANPR tickets, I had the landowners successfully cancel them (Mcdonalds & Shell) so I have no experience going through appeals processes or popla.
Is there any benefit to appealing via post and putting a relatives return address which is different to the keeper/owner of the vehicle where I am still able to receive their reply without given up my address?

Backstory for those interested:
I have been a resident of this area for over 20+ years and I am fortunate enough to have a driveway (there are not many on the estate), I arrived home around 3am and there was a car unknown to me parked in my driveway, instead of sounding my horn waking up the neighbours as others do, I chose to park elsewhere careful to not park in someone's else marked bay, so I parked off the road on a paved area which is used by cars to access marked bays away from the road. I personally don't think I was obscuring access. I know it's not an excuse but it was dark, there is a lack of signs, and faded yellow lettering 'no parking' on similar colour dropped kerb.



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    Coupon-Mad advised someone earlier in the month on this forum about NSL and to contact Steve Clark of BPA about the inability to pay online.
    No, the inability to APPEAL online, not PAY! There is a system error, is there not? Are you sure about this? Does the PCN only give a postal address not a portal?
    appeals have to be postal.
    Is there any benefit to appealing via post
    None at all, and if there is another way then use that instead - e.g. postal/online appeal that's not working, so complain to Steve Clark at the BPA if that's the case. we positively encourage complaints about PPCs.

    You can certainly give another address when appealing as keeper, they won't know either way and it will prove whether they've got DVLA data if they continue to use that 'wrong' address for the Notice to Keeper later on.

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    Have you tried a complaint to the Camden Borough Housing Association/ALMO?
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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