Help Needed with Blue Badge Please

Hi everyone,
I have applied for a renewal Blue Badge for an elderly friend, it had to be done on a computer! Anyway, I uploaded all the info needed + attachments. She had a letter back saying they needed a copy of her birth certificate + a copy of her council tax bill and a photo (which we had already sent). She had another letter today saying that there is a 10 mb restriction on attachments so she needs to resend a copy of her birth certificate + tax bill. I have looked at the email I sent on her behalf and the council tax bill is 1.1 mb, the birth certificate is 786KB and her photo is 61.8KB soit is under the 10 mb restriction. I have opened the three attachments on my computer and they are perfectly readable. They now say he she doesn't sort it with a certain amount of days her application fr renewal will be cancelled. She's worrying because she is in her late 80's and she doesn't want to lose it. So if anyone can help with what we are doing wrong on the size restriction thing and how I can make the images the correct size would be great. Thanks everyone :beer:


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    It maybe easier to take the documents to her local council and get a receipt as proof.
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    poppy12345 wrote: »
    It maybe easier to take the documents to her local council and get a receipt as proof.

    Many councils insist it be done on-line ...
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    If you are emailing the attachments, try sending one email per attachment. If you are uploading the attachments to a website, it is possible (but unlikely) that the website is doing something to increase the file size. Another possibility is that there is a typo in the letter and the file size restriction is 1Mb, not 10Mb. I think I would try converting the council tax bill and birth certificate images to another format. Try to get the images down to less than 100Kb per image. Microsoft Paint can be useful for this.
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  • Thank you all for your help, much appreciated, I have done 3 emails with attachments reduced and sent those, I'm going to phone them Monday to see if they have got them and they are okay. Then possibly go into our local council offices to make sure. Our Blue Badge offices have become faceless here on the I Of W, you use to be able to go into them, it's just a PO box number now and if you look the postcode up on google maps it just gives the general area! Thanks again everyone x
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