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Freezer Bags?

Hi Everyone

Hope you are well.

I'm after some advice on freezer bags as we've decided to try batch cook so we hopefully will find it easier to stay 'on plan' but also to try and save money by being organised.

We bought some 1ltr soup bags but they aren't big enough for storing food for 3 people. So I have 2 questions: What size freezer bags would you recommend? What bags would you recommend?

Many Thanks
Nikkei x


  • Linda32Linda32 Forumite
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    I freeze per portion. So if I make a lasagna, I cut into 6 pieces, store in plastic sandwich boxes and freeze. Then take two out at a time.

    If I made soup, a put a normal large sandwich bag draped over a sandwich box, pour a portion into the bag. Tie the top and put in the freezer still in the box. Once it has frozen, it is in a oblong shape so you take out of the box and stack in the freezer. If you want two portions, take two out of the freezer.
  • Fire_FoxFire_Fox Forumite
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    IMO it is 'suck it and see'. How far off the mark are the one litre soup bags?

    Families can differ widely in the amount (volume/ weight) of food they eat. Partly down to factors like appetite and activity level, partly to the type of food they eat. The average Brit eats half the fruit and veg they are supposed to, yet double the serving size of meat.

    Fruit and veg is high in water as are visibly liquidy meals. A one pot stew with loads of veg and loads of gravy will take up more space than cuts of meat in marinade that will be served with a separate starch (jacket spud/ pasta).

    Depending how you reheat the food - microwave/ pan on the hob? - you might be better using washable plastic boxes than disposable plastic bags.
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  • suki1964suki1964 Forumite
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    I buy my bags from Ikea , I have a good selection of sizes, from .5 litre to 6 litres

    But Im with Linda, its best to freeze in portion sizes because not every one eats the same all the time. Sometimes me and he are out for the day so mum can take a portion out for herself. Sometimes Im not hungry enough for a meal so a portion of soup does me - saves on waste

    I also like to use the plastic containers
  • GreenQueenGreenQueen Forumite
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    I use plastic containers - the "clip-n-clip" or supermarket equivalent are really good. I mostly freeze in single portions, and these can be thawed, taken to work without leakage, and reheated in a microwave. They are also dishwasher safe.

    If you use plastic freezer bags, it can be useful to freeze inside the container you will be using to reheat - put the frozen block into the freezer bag and then take it out into the container when you want to defrost it.
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  • TBH We bout some ready soups in containers a few years back and we use them.

    Unfortunately for BoPsie, they are also ideal for storing me nuts and bolts and the like!
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    I have a couple of “Soup Freezer Bags” left from a box I bought years ago. They’re a pain because they don’t stack when full. My vote goes to reusing takeaway food boxes for storing extra meals in the freezer. The largest size will hold 3 good portions.

    For lunchboxes, we use Lock-n-Lock boxes, since they’re the only lidded boxes I’ve found that don’t leak when turned on their side. (Before I discovered them, I had a standard lunchbox seep all over my bag. My temporary solution was to put my lunchbox into a ziplock bag.)


    - Pip
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