TEFL / TESL Online Information?

Afternoon everyone,

I was recently abroad and some chap I had been speaking to over the week started telling me a little bit about what he was doing for paid work in the evenings.

It turns out he was a practice partner for english language students usually based in China, He usually did around 3 or 4 sessions an evening, Around 45 minutes a time.

I remember a few of my friends going to various Asian countries to teach English language for lessons back in around 2005 after they had done their english A Levels but now it seems it is easier to do this work online via Skype or similar.

I remember specifically that he didnt have an English degree and the actual service was more geared towards the client/student being able to practice his or her english skills a few times a week by just having a conversation with an english speaker online.

They also liked to have people with various english dialects and accents, He said he worked for one of the main employers in this field, So my question has anyone ever done this work? Or perhaps you know of a friend that does this and can point me in the right direction?

All I have been able to find is work and courses only available as part of an English degree such as a year out teaching which is not what I am interested in.

Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
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