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Shaped ring.

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Angelhales2601Angelhales2601 Forumite
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So I have a really awkward shaped engagement ring. I need a ring similar to this: but the ones I've found so far have not matched it perfectly. Any ideas on anywhere that will make a plain white gold band at a reasonable price that would fit the ring?



  • PollycatPollycat Forumite
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    Assuming that you're asking because you don't want to use this company, it a bit difficult for anyone to suggest somewhere as we don't know your location.
    I know where I'd go to have a ring made but that's not much good to you if you live at the other end of the country.

    Have you asked in any local independent jewellers?
    Is there a manufacturing jewellers anywhere near you?
    Are you close to Hatton Garden or the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham?
  • KatapoltKatapolt Forumite
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    i also vote independent jewellers, or there's a few companies online i've found where they send you a little casting kit where you make an impression of your ring and they design something that way! Etsy is also fab for independent jewellers for things like this.
  • The_LibrarianThe_Librarian Forumite
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    If you are struggling with an independent, have you tried Goldsmiths Jewellers? They actually have a lot of shape moulds they can work with cast in the metal of your choice, and one of their (very!) unusual ones fitted my ring perfectly. They had a lot of choice to fit around a lot of strange shapes (including like the above).
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    Fuzzy_DuckFuzzy_Duck Forumite
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    There's a more affordable version here:

    I bought my wedding ring from them and they have a sample service so you can check it fits properly before ordering.
  • DD265DD265 Forumite
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    It would be worth trying something in person if you haven't already - even if it's not a perfect fit it might confirm that you do indeed want a shaped band.

    I thought I did, but when I tried one on I didn't like it. I ended up with a gentle V shaped band instead, so there is a gap, but it's not massive. It also means that I can wear my band on it's own if I want to without it looking weird. :)
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