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Hospital visit

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yullyyully Forumite
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Hi, in May my husband is having knee surgery down in Bristol as due to previous surgical complications the surgeon down there seems to be the only one able to carry out the op.
The problem is that we live in Huddersfield but he needs to be in Bristol for 9.00am on the day of surgery. He can't drive as he won't be able to drive back post op. We've been looking at trains but we are really going to struggle financially (I'm registered disabled and can't work and he's on ESA). Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.


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    elsienelsien Forumite
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    This may qualify him but would not cover you unless you are told you need to accompany him on the way back.

    Alternatively do you have a friend l/family member who may be willing to drive him for the cost of the petrol and a bit extra for their troubl?
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  • Manxman_in_exileManxman_in_exile Forumite
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    I'm presuming you've already researched this or been advised by a medical professional, but are you sure the operation can't be done nearer to home? How do you know only the surgeon in Bristol can do it? Seems an awfully long way to go...
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    Have you asked your GP's surgery for help in getting hospital transport. I know it's out of area but St John Ambulance are sometimes able to help, or there may be a voluntary driver scheme that you only have to pay mileage for.

    Have you asked the hospital welfare department for advice?
  • vikingaerovikingaero Forumite
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    The posters above have all given helpful advice. I escorted my Dads friend up to her appointments at Kings in London for 3 years. I didn't claim for my ticket but only her fare and I became an expert on the forms and claiming.

    Be prepared. Arm yourself with the appointment letter, and the latest copies of your husbands ESA and any other credits you are on.

    Call and speak to the admissions department now and tell them your means and ask for a letter from the consultant confirming that it is necessary for you to escort your husband so that your fare can be paid. Explain your limited means and ask for the letter to request pre-payment of your travel costs. They may ask you to contact the Travel Clerk/Cashier for that hospital once you have received the letter.

    Some hospitals trusts will send a cheque and others a travel warrant which you exchange for tickets at the train station.
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  • yullyyully Forumite
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    Hi everyone, firstly I'm sorry for not replying to any of you before now but thank you so much for your help. I'm going to follow up on your advice so thank you all, I really appreciate it x
  • yullyyully Forumite
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    Just a quick response to some comments. Possibly looks like he's managed to find a lift but thanks to one of your posts we should be able to claim back for petrol, parking etc.

    We only need travel for my husband, I'm not going as I'm actually disabled and can only manage an hour out of bed now and again -. trying not to think about who's going to be looking after who (whom?).
    Someone asked about having the surgery nearer home. This has been looked into but Bristol is the only option, the surgeon considered travelling up here to do it but logistically it would be a nightmare and he wouldn't be around for any post-op complications. I used to work with in operating theatres with the surgeon who has referred him to Bristol and trust his judgement and it really seems to be the only option.
    Again, thanks again.
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