Faulty track pump

I've got a Zefal hp malamut track pump. (Must be about 20 plus years old!).

Got the tires up to pressure on my bike ok last weekend, but when I came to do my wife's bike there was clearly something wrong with the pump. During the up-stroke there seemed to be a hissing of escaping air from the barrel of the pump and the tires actually seemed to be deflating. Had resort to a hand pump and that seemed ok (but bl00dy hard work!) so I presume it's a fault with the track pump and not the tire valve.

Does this sound like I need a new track pump?


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    I imagine the washer on the plunger has perished or worn. Zefal supply spares


    if 20 year old pump parts are still available.

    I've got pumps working a bit better by putting some oil inside the pump to improve the sealing. I hesitate to recommend this as it is probably not a good long term solution as it may be detrimental to the pump or tyres.
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    Thanks. I seem to remember as a kid (many decades ago!) using Vaseline(?) to make a bike pump washer more airtight. Will take apart and have a look.

    EDIT: I note on their website they mention using a few drops of oil.
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