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Confused customers hit with Asos ban under new returns rules - MSE News

Asos customers are reporting that their accounts have been unceremoniously deactivated after the online fashion giant changed its return rules last week...
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'Confused customers hit with Asos ban under new returns rules'
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  • maisie_catmaisie_cat Forumite
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    I know somebody who uses ASOS as a clothes lending library, and I suspect she in not alone. Online purchasing protections have been abused and companies are hitting back.
    There will come a time when online prices will be higher to offset the abuse losses.
    It isn't just fashion, I ordered a plumbing item from Amazon and it been disassembled and the insides replaced with an old broken element. These people think that doing this stuff doesn't matter "because the company can afford it".
  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    "Emily Cutbush, 26, from Bournemouth, told us: I have refunds outstanding with Asos but can't access my account to see what I've returned and monitor how much I'm due back."

    Can't even remember what she's returned without logging in to check?! Not really helping your case there, love!
  • hollie.weimeranerhollie.weimeraner Forumite
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    My wife has had a letter from NEXT this morning asking why she has returned so much stuff in the last 12 months. It says to use the sizing guide to help.
    Well she has ordered clothes online and has kept sizes 6, 8 and 10 in different styles this year which is exactly the reason she orders different sizes of everything.
    There is also an incentive to over order to get free delivery.
  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    QVC the biggest of the UK shopping channels has for a number of years sent out the Letter to those who return too much. Now the presenters will tell customers to order more than one side or colour and return(yes you have to pay to return), those items you do not want.

    The Letter is usually 50% in a year. The Letter asks you to contact them to discuss your return rates and some customers have had their accounts closed for being serial returns.

    Also skin care and cosmetics they actually have a calculation for how much product a person should use in the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Use too much, even when the presenters have said you can even return the empty pot live on air, but no you get the products refused and sent back to you.

    Their own Facebook has endless complaints about used dirty products being just sent out to other customers sometimes with the original purchaser's details in the package.
  • jamesdjamesd Forumite
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    Subject access request if they refuse to explain.

    Also note that by doing this they appear to be breaching their privacy policy: "We will only use your data to up your experience.".
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