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Amazon is heaving with Kindle books that are permanently free or 99p. Yet these always-cheap titles may not always match your virtual to-read pile. In fact, you often have to wade through a lot of very average books to find the good ones. And if you pay full-price for Kindle books and devour several a month, the cost can soon add up....


  • Indie author here. If you see a book with great reviews and it's from an independent author without a publisher (It says "Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC"), please consider picking it up even if it's 2.99 or 3.99.

    We spend typically over £1000 to get a quality book written, proofed, edited and covers designed, not to mention the months and hundreds of hours of work. Readers can then pick it up for less than a cup of coffee, so please give us a chance :)
  • Try BookHippo.uk as well as BookBub, often have more titles per day at low or free prices and sometimes match. I also get Kobo and Apple Book recommendations as well for another mix, you can purchase most at the same price from your favourite supplier - but not all so watch the price.
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    It's always worth mentioning that you can get the first 10% of ANY book by getting the free sample. So you can always try before you buy - I've saved tons by not buying if I'm not enjoying it at the 10% mark.

    You can be quite clever about this as well. What is a book? According to Amazon, the whole Harry Potter series can be one book..!


    So the first 10% of this would be... You guessed it... Almost the entire first book for free!

    Of course, this isn't MoneySaving if you then buy the entire series but only read the first two. But it was enough for me to try the first half of the first Game of Thrones book (which is also available with the whole series in one book!) - I didn't have to spend a penny to realise it wasn't for me.
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    You don’t have to choose a genre to find free books. Just put * in the search box and search price low to high.
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    MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    . In fact, you often have to wade through a lot of very average books to find the good ones.

    Also look at Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/ for classics and out of copyright works. Out of copyright includes stuff as recent as the 1950s - so if you like pulp genre fiction (sci-fi, detective, noir) then you can find it here if you know a few authors to search by.

    When you do find a new author that you like - always check their website or Facebook page. Often they will give away another book if you sign up to their mailing list. Where they write in multiple genres or in series - more than one.
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    Simply search for "free books" on your Kindle and 100s of books will appear in the search. Loads of great titles to choose from.
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    If you sign up for a library card with your local library, you can access loads of books and magazine digitally.
  • With kindle unlimited if you put your device in flight mode before you cancel the subscription, and as long as you don’t turn flight mode back on the books stay on the device without a problem... that way you can keep 10 books until you finish reading them and only restart your subscription when you’re ready to buy more.
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    My local library has BorrowBox and therefor its free to borrow ebooks - brilliant
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    I recommend anyone to buy a tablet instead of a Kindle and download the Kindle app. A tablet has more functionality and some run full Windows so you can do far more and read non-Kindle items.
    I recommend the local council library online for ebooks - mine uses RBDigital, others use OverDrive - the councils subscribe to the national players.
    And another +1 for Project Gutenburg and the OpenLibrary.
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