Optimus Retirement Benefit Scheme No. 1

Was having a beer and a catch up with my best mate, who has not always made the wisest of financial decisions and the topic turned to pensions. He mentioned that he had become frustrated with the poor returns on his pension pot and was persuaded to transfer his pension savings (circa £80k) to the above scheme. Whilst he was waxing lyrical about the returns he had been promised by investing in some hotel in Cayman Islands or something similar, I held my head in my hands. The scheme is run by Integrated-Capabilities (Malta) Ltd.

Unfortunately for him, he is absolutely the type that would be prone to being scammed.

What reading I have done suggests that his situation is not good and the prospects of recovering any of his money are slim. Has anyone out there had any direct experience with this scheme or can offer any advice as to where we might go from here to try and get something back for him?


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