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I'm interested in whether CBD oil can help a family member who suffers badly with arthritis and currently has a long list of painkillers prescribed which have other side effects.

Are there any good independent sources of information to learn about what to look for when buying it, as opposed to reading about it on websites of companies that sell it or have some bias over it?



  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    A Google search for CBD oil in UK will bring up several sites with information from various sources .

    I don't think there is any official information.

    One thing to be wary of is any interaction with any medicines your family member is taking.
  • savingfortomorrowsavingfortomorrow Forumite
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    have a look on NLM medline for some general information. Sheramber is correct if can have interactions with other medications. It would be worthwhile printing off the list and speaking to their doctor and determining if it would be suitable as there are many potential interactions detailed.
  • ka7eka7e Forumite
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    Legally, no CBD suppliers can give medical advice. The list of drugs that can interact is extensive, but the general rule of thumb is to leave a 4-hour gap between CBD and any drug that can affect the liver or interact with grapefruit (incl statins, steroids, anticoagulants). Any other drug needs a 2 hour gap either side of using CBD. The best results are obtained with a very low starting dose and slowly increasing the dosage until beneficial results are obtained. Many brands have too high a concentration and just one drop can cause a negative reaction.

    Oils with CBDa are often recommended for arthritis for the anti-inflammatory properties and some have tumeric added. If the oils are unpalatable, there are water-soluble drops and hempy teas. Topically, hemp-infused creams can be used on inflamed joints. My Mum (86) uses Fiddlers El7730_4731917_IMG_05_0000_max_135x100.jpgbow Grease Balm as an alternative to ibuprofen gel
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  • DanipatDanipat Forumite
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    There is a good FB group that gives advice. Its called CBD - Questions Answered
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    A friend used it for a while she felt so much better on it strangely her breathing and also her joints.   Now her Son in law is the one who did all the research on the percentage of ingredients etc.  Seems the cheaper ones are full of filler and that is the ones bought from health food shops and the high street.   He ordered online and it worked out cheaper 4 bottles she said around £40+ per bottle.  The last time he found what he considered the best ingredients wise but she could not afford the £80 per bottle with the bulk buying so now has stopped taking.     He actually ordered from Holland.
    I have never tried it my self.
  • QuackQuackOopsQuackQuackOops Forumite
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    Stay away from the stuff sold in places like Holland and Barret. Next to useless.
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