Repair kitchen wooden work surfaces

My kitchen work tops haven't been oiled in a long time, they have always had black rings on them, particularly near the sink but this is getting worse now. I was considering sanding them down and re-applying oil to them but firstly I wanted to see how much I would need to pay to get them done professionally.

It's a fairly small galley kitchen with surfaces and at one end where the inset sink is. Most of the work will be around the sink, the rest aren't too bad.

Can anybody suggest how much I should expect to pay and also is this a job for a kitchen fitter, a chippy or an odd jobber?



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    This being a money saving site, and there being a slight lack of square meterage estimates, I'd say have a go yourself.

    How do these black rings come to be anyway? (Says she with a fleet of chopping boards I use as insulation also.) Best of all, doing it yourself will give you a new appreciation of your wood surfaces & encourage you to keep them nurtured!
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    I couldn’t agree more with digforvictory.

    Have a go yourself, you’ve nothing to lose.

    My husband is a kitchen fitter and he says that they have to be oiled and sanded every 6 months which is why he try’s to talk people out of them ��

    I have his sink cutouts as chopping boards and I sand and re oil them every 3 to 4 months
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    An odd-job/handyman should be able to complete this for you, and you might find it easier to find a handyman to do this, rather than a kitchen fitter/joiner who would also be able to do this for you.

    I would expect it to cost between £75 and £100 to have it done professionally. If it costs more, just ask them to explain the costs and how long it will take, and agree that if they say 5 hours and they are done in 2, they will only charge you for the time they spend.
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    Thanks for the advice. Much as I would like to do it myself , I would have to get a detail sander, sandpaper & oil, also it would probably take me a day to do it, so if I could get the job done properly for up to £100 then I would probably go for that.

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    If they are simply dark marks and not burn marks, would a simple diluted bleach solution not tackle them and then follow up with light sandpaper then wax?
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