Halifax valuation to mortgage offer?

We applied in full with Halifax last Wednesday (20/02) and the valuation was done yesterday (27/02) but we are yet to hear anything.

Does anyone know how long between the valuation being done and getting the mortgage offer? Or an update?


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    I think it depends on which surveyor they use. I once waited over 3 weeks with no news & ended up complaining to Halifax. They did say at that time that they'd consider droping that particular surveyor from their panel as he had obviously taken on more work than he could effectively deal with.

    To be on the safe side I'd give Halifax a call if you've not heard within a week
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    cattie wrote: »
    I think it depends on which surveyor they use. I once waited over 3 weeks with no news & ended up complaining to Halifax.

    Oh wow how did you not go insane?!

    I've heard Halifax are usually pretty quick once the valuation's done but that's reading old threads on here so I don't know if that's the case anymore.

    I was kind of hoping to have our offer next week.
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    My offer from Halifax came through in the post a few days after the valuation.
  • Hello,

    New to this and this thread seemed relevant to my current situation! Fingers crossed someone may be able to help put an anxious FTB mind at rest.

    So a little bit of background. FTB, single mother 1 dependant salary £58k 3 settled defeats ranging from 2013-2015. 1 credit card in full each month. AIP received from Halifax having declared defaults. Full application submitted 28/02 Hard check on call credit and Experian. Plus about 8 additional soft checks on the 01/03. All documents have been sent and as yet have not been asked for any further info.

    MA has said today that Halifax are waiting for the valuation report and then application will be sent to underwriters. So now I am panicing!

    Would Halifax normally book a valuation prior to making a decision to lend? I only ask as I have already paid the valuation fee and now worried that I will loose that if I fail at underwriting stage. Does anyone know what will be checked?
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    DLL2019 wrote: »
    Would Halifax normally book a valuation prior to making a decision to lend?

    Of course. The property is central to the mortgage application as it's the security for the amount to be advanced by the lender.
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    Did you receive your offer?
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    I am in the same position purchasing a house via a mortgage with Halifax (hopefully!!) our valuation is booked for today. Sleepless nights driving me mad! I’m Hopibg to have an answer this week hopefully. I’m sure though they wouldn’t book a valuation if they weren’t willing to lend? Confused by the whole process!
  • Halifax are working quite slowly at the moment on some cases, and lightening fast on others

    two cases to them in the last few months

    1, FTBs. gifted deposit, perfect credit, well conducted finances has taken from last December until last week after a lot of mistakes Halifax made on the case.

    2. Did a mortgage last Friday, son buying from mother, again a good prime cases, Halifax did an automated valuation - offer arrived yesterday.

    I think it depends on the complexity of your case but one problem I've had lately is underwriters not leaving thorough notes on the system for other staff (probably due tot hem being busy) and cases not going back to the original underwriter but to anyone who can deal with it. Gets on my nerves. Rant over!

    Be patient people!
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