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Good morning everyone ,
We have lived in the same house for 20 years now , we live in a quiet cul de sac with a mixture of approximately 12 , 3 or 4 bedroom detached properties .
Sadly toward the middle of last year our neighbour of 19 years (a single lady) became hospitalised and shortly after died .
Towards the year end her property , a 3 bed detached ( similar to ours) was sold . A couple with 2 children bought it , within a few weeks the father had approached me informing me he wanted to extend (over the garage) as he didn't feel the house was big enough . A few weeks ago he came round to see me to give me a copy of plans showing the proposed extension (1st draft date on them showed the time he was about to move in) .
The issue I have is our houses like many in the road are separated at the closet point by the garage (on his house as my garage is on the other side) . This distance is no more than 4 -5 feet with a fence in between , so if the garage was to be built on top of then his extra rooms would be this distance from our house ( we are on a slight hill - so his house is about 3-4 ft higher) - meaning it would look pretty bulky , coupled with this the plans shows big windows to front near our house which would overlook our front garden drive etc and a new rear window which although set nearer to the existing line of his house would still overlook our rear garden too .
I am concerned if this goes ahead we will loose privacy , probably be overshadowed , maybe loose light etc
Also I can't help thinking that when the properties were built this spacing was designed to prevent the properties looking like semis or link detached , so now things will look over developed.

Sorry to go on a bit , but I wasn't really prepared for this ,

any advice much appreciated



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    Just learn to accept the change. Based on my experience, the planners won't give two hoots about you losing privacy in your garden.
  • All the points you raise are valid objections you can submit to the local Council Planning Department except possibly the loss of privacy to your front garden. Front gardens generally are not private spaces.

    Another point that might be worth making is if there is reasonable separation between the detached houses at present giving a feeling of space. The proposed first floor side extension will increase the bulk and potentially be over bearing which will detract from that separation and spaciousness and therefore be "out of character with the area".

    Study the planning applications on the Council's websites and try to read the officer's reports on the applications that are rejected and you should get the hang of the type of things they pick up on and the language they use.

    Having said that the proposed extension doesn't sound all that bad to me. It might be worth trying to get the neighbour to compromise. If they reduced the roof eaves and ridge height they would still get their extra bedroom but it would greatly reduce the bulk of the extension. Also siting of windows might be able to be be addressed to try to reduce overlooking your back garden.
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    Thanks for the reply teneighty - good advice
  • Remember if you decide to object, emotional objections mean nothing and only objections in line with current planning rules.
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  • This is something I believe a common and sensible extension which in reality will not affect you except your ego.
    Think before you act;
    1. What if when refused planning your neighbour rents the house to a family of drug smoking, partying teenagers, what you gonna do, call ghostbusters?
    2. Planning will mostly approve it, and your neighbour will bear the grudge.

    Old lady next to our former place a close of six houses objected to neighbour converting his garage. He normally helps her out, she had a heart attack after that and no one was bothered helping her. As did the gentleman who wanted to convert his garage.

    Lets be frank, after approval you are dozing in your house, and you have a house fire, due to an electrical fault. Your aggrieved neighbour will take his sweet time to call the fire service and you may be dead by the time they arrive.

    If you stop being so selfish in the big picture of things and are supportive, he may actually bang on your door, smash a window to help you out. Also on a positive the house prices will go up due to a bigger expensive property pushing values up as others will pay more to buy yours.

    Think rationally, then act - my 2P
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    Thanks everyone - All comments taken on board and I have not at any stage said I am shouting down the extension full stop.
    Just that i wasn't expecting something as large and overbearing as this within weeks of the new owner moving in. .
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    Here's a handy link for you, OP:

    On the other hand, Alan ^, people may not pay more to buy the OPs house because of the big, ugly extension next door :think:
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    It’s difficult to contemplate and accept changes after such a long time with your old neighbour. But nothing lasts forever. Important to raise ANY concerns you may have with your new neighbour and the planning authority. Done politely but firmly you may have some influence on the outcome. I hope it works out for you, that the work is carried out on time by competent builders and you and your new neighbours get along okay.
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    In our area extensions have to be subserviant to the original building. By that I mean the roofline needs to be lower than the original house and the front of the extension needs to be set back from the front line of the house to prevent 'terracing'.
  • Here's a handy link for you, OP:

    On the other hand, Alan ^, people may not pay more to buy the OPs house because of the big, ugly extension next door :think:

    Depends, where I live, neighbour opposite row, has added a two storey extension on top of the garage without any planning, the side access is only a wheelie bin wide, that is the gap to the neighbours. He also has a front extension and a rear extension (all done without planning and no neighbours grassed him up) His two storey extension is only in single skin red bricks :eek: . His next door neighbour has redid his roof (again without planning) to raise the ridge height so as to have a three storey extension, so his house stands higher than the rest :rotfl:

    First one has added over £250K in value when he sold to our current neighbours. The other neighbour to him hasn't touched his but looks like it will soon become a probate sale, local estate agent thinks has gone up by £100K in value thanks to these illegal extensions.

    Further up there is a massive 3 side illegal extension, then a legal one, this has virtually given 50% increase to the size of the house and added £400K in value.

    Next door a wreck sold on these speculations that illegally building an extension and kind neighbours won't tell the council till the 4 years is over. You won't legally get anything of this sort passed.

    All of these are currently normalised due to 4 year period or more, and people like the OP will die of several heart attacks, however the money increase that comes with it means that neighbours are :beer::j and very grateful that these brave men and women extend their homes :rotfl:
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