Mortgage success and adverse credit


I posted a few weeks ago on how my mortgage application with Halifax was going sour.

Well we’ve just received our welcome pack with Natwest through the post, with the full mortgage offer! :j

I’m posting to give hope to other people who, like I have, had credit issues in the past. I was in a debt management plan and have three defaults registered in 2015 and two missed payments last year, and due to the determination and knowledge on my brokers behalf we’ve been accepted!!!

Other brokers told me we had no chance, never get a highstreet lender, if Halifax say no there’s no point applying with another.

Just goes to show what a good broker can do.

Any questions feel free


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    We do a lot of adverse and it is scary how many people we speak to who have been told they can not get a mortgage.

    I always remember the case where a customer went to a high street lender via a broker and was declined. The broker then went to an adverse lender and was declined but decided to appeal the case. In the meantime the customer came to us and we got it through with the first lender (on the high street) the original broker tried.

    A lot of our job is experience and knowing how to package a case up in the best light where there is some sort of complication to overcome.

    Congrats on the mortgage offer. I love making the phone calls to people to tell them their mortgage has been offered where they have previously been declined/told it can not be placed.
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    I have 5 years fixed mortgage with NatWest and I am 2 years into fixed.

    I have a partner and we will like to move into a bigger place. I will like to port my mortgage and apply for the additional borrowing.

    I have a default about 1 old and I am worried NatWest will decline new application.
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