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Money Moral Dilemma: What's the fairest way to split our taxi fare?



  • Pay it 100% yourself, and tell your mate that next ones on them....

    Life be too short to quibble over £9 (or variables thereof)
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    I'm going to be nice and assume the person asking is a student, when every penny does matter, and they're trying to budget for maybe the first time. I'd go £8/£10, but would discuss with the friend before getting in the taxi and explain you're both saving a fiver or so.
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    If they're that hard up for cash they're not going to be getting regular taxis home after nights out.
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    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • £7.50 and £10.50. Adds up to £18 and you're both saving the same amount of £5.50
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    Half each. You are both still saving money.
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    Just split 50/50. You’re supposed to be friends and you’re both gaining so don’t spoil a friendship for £1 or £2 pounds.
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    As usual, insufficient information.
    Is this a male/female friendship where the male has bought meal and shared cost of drinks?
    Is it 2 same sex friends who share everything equally?
    By splitting cost equally both get a cheaper ride home.
    I agree with people who suggest £10 each which includes tip.
    If you cannot agree on such a trivial matter, you need to reassess your friendship.
    Can we please have some sensible questions with full information in future?
  • I think a straight split of £9 each but give your friend a tenner which includes the tip. They can also stump up £10 (including tip) and then you both win on cost. :)
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    £7.50 and £10.50. Adds up to £18 and you're both saving the same amount of £5.50

    We seem outnumbered with this, I agree this is a fair split. As a P.S I don’t tip.
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  • esuhl's algebra is correct, I did it myself before seeing someone else had and got the same answer, accurately £8.07 and £9.93. Or rounded to £8 and £10.
    It works because those figures maintain the same ratio of 13:16 for the new £18 fare.
    But I did it mainly because I quite like a maths problem to keep my aging brain cells ticking over!
    In real life it doesn't really work like that and for the sake of a 93p per journey saving I'd be the nice friend and say just split it £9 each. The popular guy does not explain they used algebra to work out a correctly ratio'd split of the £18 taxi fare!
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