urgent advise please bpo collections/student finanace

Hi I'm sorry if I've posted to the wrong forum but I am new to this - so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful.

I have had an ongoing issue with a dispute with student finance who say they have overpaid me - it is a long story so I wont go into it here.

What I would like to know is what I can do about a letter I have received from bpo collections regarding my student loan alleged overpayment as it is for over £9000 and I am very anxious as to what will happen

Thank you


  • Did they overpay you? Did you, for example, fail to comp,!t! your course? The answers will depend on whether there actually was an overpayment or not.

    Why do they believe that you were overpaid?
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    Its quite simple really, student finance beleive they overpaid you, and have now instructed BPO colletions to recover the debt from you, which they will attempt to do by calling you, and writing to you, and asking for payment.

    Have they overpaid you, what is your take on the matter, you say you won`t go into it, but if that`s the case, we cannot provide much in the way of help.

    In the absence of any further information, if you deny you owe the money, dispute the matter in writing, if you agree its your debt, arrange a payment plan that is affordable to you.
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    Could A Debt Relief Order help you ?
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    For free non-judgemental debt advice, contact either : Stepchange, National Debtline, or CitizensAdviceBureaux.
  • My son, who has been out of uni for six years now, just received a letter from BPO claiming over £900 was owed. He's had no communications from SLC saying he owes money, they take it every month automatically, and if they've overpaid him for something surely it's their incompetence not his fault?
    He has to ring between 9 and 5 which is ridiculous as he's at work, so I'm going to try ringing SLC tomorrow to see if I can find out what this is even for. How can they have waited six years before informing him and then only by a DCA letter? They must be morons.
  • @flicka I graduated in 2012. I also just had a letter out of the blue also from BPO saying I owe them £1938 despite me paying back my student loan every month. Let me know what your outcome is, I'll be contacting them myself too.
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    and if they've overpaid him for something surely it's their incompetence not his fault?
    They must be morons.

    @flicka Possibly but the irrespective of how the money came into your son's possession, it will need to be paid back in full plus any interest. Talk to them about how to pay it back at an affordable rate.

    @Tabi1982 If you doubt their information on which they are basing their decisions, then ask for a Subject Access Request. Then you can compare your payment record with their details and resolve any differences.
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    SLC are possibly the worst company in terms of organisation I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. The rate at which they lose documentation is incredible. The first thing I would request would be a breakdown of where these overpayments have come from. Is it too much maintenance loan over the 9 payments or tuition fee is wrong? Then you need to know why they actually did it - as that will come in handy.

    I have students who fib on their form, underestimate earnings, quit and think they can walk away. All of which can have an affect. If you've quit a course and disappeared (classic trick), chances are the uni has filed against SLC for tuition lost so they are passing the buck onto you (rightfully). Until you get an answer don't pay anything...chances are you'll be waiting a long time. If you are in the wrong, suggest a payment plan that suits you. In my experience, SLC are just thankful they are getting something back.
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