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Add your feedback on energy supplier Enstroga

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Add your feedback on energy supplier Enstroga

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This is a feedback thread on energy supplier

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  • Did your switch go smoothly?
  • Have you had problems since?
  • Is it easy to contact?
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  • alan888alan888 Forumite
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    Keep clear of enstroga energy. No replies to letters,calls,e mails. Recorded delivery says gone away. Avoid
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    moleratmolerat Forumite
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  • rob_savagerob_savage Forumite
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    i went to enstroga in Oct 18. Fine at first but i have moved house, of which i informed them, but since then i have been unable to contact them. i have tried to ring over a dozen times, sent 6 emails and filled out the contact page twice on their website. On top of this my online acct with them has never been updated apart from showing the money i have paid in so i have no idea how much electricity i have even used. Customer service is litterally non existant.
  • PonymanPonyman Forumite
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    I have been with enstroga for about 6 months and gone through the “unable to contact” issues. In the last month they seem to have woken up as I’ve had a request for a meter reading and a statement. This morning I had an email saying they were going to take a top up payment of £125 in 3 days! I phoned them not expecting an answer but they answered in about 2 minutes. I told them that I would expect to owe them money at this time of year and apart from that the direct debit guarantee requires 10 working days notice of change. To my amazement they said they would cancel the payment!
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Do they still exist?
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  • continuitycontinuity Forumite
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    It's hard to say. They still take money from my bank account but no one ever responds to email or picks up the phone so perhaps all that's left is one lonely computer running the monthly billing cycle.
  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    matelodave wrote: »
    Do they still exist?

    I thought they had closed to new customers as couldn't remember seeing them on recent comparison site visits, but when I checked this a.m I got a quote about 3 pages down ...but well over £200pa more then I'm currently paying:)
  • Contacting Enstroga was a big problem so I gave up bothering, but it has got better.
    I recently got through to them on the second attempt (it used to take days) and spoke with a very helpful representative about the new 2019 Winter Warmer deal. I would stay with them despite their lack of billing etc.etc. but I have to go elsewhere as the new price rise now places them as noncompetitive.

    I received my first actual bill after 9 months and it was correct to the penny. And in the whole year I will have saved nearly £500 over British Gas that I transferred from.

    I trust the transfer away from Enstroga goes well; in any case I'll be sure to comment here.

    It's a pity about the price rise!
  • TW1234TW1234 Forumite
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    Enstroga were a real problem; almost impossible to contact, although their operatives were polite (albeit ineffective) on the two occasions I did manage to do so.
    However, they did comply quickly and in full with a decision obtained from the Omvbudsman.

    See my thread
  • Hi can anyone give me their winter warmer rates please, have finally won an arguement with enstroga & got back dated to Jan 1st but the rates still seem high, 12.31per unit & 23.29 standing charge

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