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Hi All,

I recently proposed to my partner and she is currently looking for an engagement ring. I don't have an insurmountable budget for this but I also don't want her to be disappointed. Where is a good place to look for engagement rings and can I get something good for around £1k or is this too low?

Thanks in advance.


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    A thousand is good and Lunns even have engagement rings lower in price than this.

    Depends on the metal, 9ct/18ct Gold, yellow or white or platinum.
    There are a number of small local jewellers who will make to order as well. There is one on the Lisburn Road, if it is still there. A friend's partner when on a weekend break to Amterdam and bought a loose diamond and got the ring made to fit it. He got a much better deal this way than buying a ready made ring.
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    Congratulations to you both :heart:

    I'd recommend having a look in Gardiner Brothers on Waring Street in Belfast. A friend got her gold engagement and wedding rings there. We bought our platinum wedding rings and an eternity ring there and I couldn't resist having a look at all the sparkly engagement rings while I was there ... gorgeous! They have a good range for a variety of budgets.

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    I recommend Gardiner Brothers too - I think it's a wholesale jewelers, so the prices are a bit lower.

    I think there is another wholesale jeweler, but not sure of the name - someone else might know
  • Vote here for Ellisons Jewellers to the rear of Castle Court. Couldn't do enough for me when I was looking to do it.
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    An alternative viewpoint...
    For something like this, it's less the cost than the thought which goes into it (for many people). For some it's a "go out together choose" thing and personal taste is very much a driver.

    That's how my wife ended up with a silver band set with a high quality sapphire, handmade by a craft jeweller. You play to the audience...
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    Murray & Co were very good for us. Also Kavanaghs engravers round the back of castlecourt has some very nice items, not all second hand. The guy that runs it used to be a jeweller and knows his stuff.
  • Been happy with Gardiners and Ellisons before so I would give both a go.
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    Lunns have a reputation for being snooty !!!!!!, so I would avoid.

    Go to Joseph Rays, he's great and has so much choice.

    Also recommend Gardiners, I got my wedding ring from there, my wife got hers from JR as it matched the engagement ring

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