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Name checks on online payments likely to be delayed - MSE News

A service which aims to combat money transfer scams and incorrect payments, by checking the name of who you're sending money to online, could be delayed until next year...
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'Name checks on online payments likely to be delayed'
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  • One-EyeOne-Eye Forumite
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    Some banks online payment systems are already troublesome.

    My niece has a double-barrelled surname. Her Grandad's bank doesn't accept the hyphen. My bank accepts the hyphen but when I include the first name the whole thing is too long!

    Another online payment system I used gave me a list of payee names from which to choose when I entered the sort code and account code. In this particular case these were all government accounts, but I doubt if this would be a good idea for personal use - you could obtain someone's details by guessing a sort code and account number.
  • colstencolsten Forumite
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    One-Eye wrote: »
    you could obtain someone's details by guessing a sort code and account number.
    What sort of details do you think could be guessed? Once upon a time, we wrote millions and millions of cheques each year, containing name, sort code and account number and no details could be guessed.
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