Looking for some advice

I am looking to up our income, finding my partners wages reduced by 600 a month.. I have considered drop-shipping and i am not sure on that.

I am willing to do surveys ect, Willing to work from home. I should say that i am quite good on the pc, i have worked in admin, retail, customer services and i have helped run a few small businesses. I am also a quick learner.

I would be so grateful if anyone has the time to maybe give me a few pointers.
I wouldn't normally ask, but i am not sleeping with worry.

Thanks in advance.


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    MSE has a guide for this, it is a good place to start. This is cunningly hidden in the first thread on this page.

    Be wary when you say you are good with a PC - unless you can code, set up networks, maybe do some graphic design etc - then this is not the case (I am a Computing Lecturer). You might be good with Office or Admin software, though.

    You will not make up £600 a month through online surveys. But the good news is there are multiple things you can do.
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