Tesco clubcard vouchers - No longer valid unless value less than the total value of the shop

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SO. I've got my £3.50 clubcard voucher and picked up a few items adding up to £3.10.

When I approached the counter, the cashier told me that vouchers had to be less than or equal to the value of the shop.

Asked to see the manager, and he went off to get a Crunchie to knock the value up 40p.

The cashier was pulling faces by the time I finished.

But seriously. I don't want to spend more than I've got. Tesco wants to make me spend more than I want...

In the past, I used to have vouchers with partial expenditures and denominations on them and scan them in at the self service tills.

No problem.

I told the manager this and he said vouchers were always like this.

This is just another way to get Tesco customers to spend on things they don't need.


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    In all honesty, I'm surprised you've been able to use a higher value voucher than your shopping. As while I was dealing with such matters it was always the case that you couldn't over-pay with vouchers - the main implication is that people would want change. After all as per your example you've virtually thrown forty-pence away!
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    It would never occur to me to pay with vouchers worth more than my shopping, as said above it is because they can not give change
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    Presumably you could then get a refund on the Crunchie and get either your change or a voucher back?
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