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Hi everyone! Hope someone might be able to help me.
i bought a Monsoon jacket from Very in October. The jacket was worn maybe for a full month since i bought it, as i don't go out much. last week i noticed that the left side was damaged from the contact with my bag. i contacted Monsoon, but its been a week with no responce from their customer services or on Social media. Do i have any rights in this case? For me the material used for the jacket is not fit for purpose. I have never had any clothing being damaged by contact with a bag.
Any advise is much appreciated!


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    i don't see how this falls under "not fit for purpose"

    So long as you can still wear it then it is fit for purpose
    Apparently, everybody knows that the bird is [strike]the word[/strike] a moorhen
  • Actually it is not wearable, as the side is damaged - msall holes like rip offs, as the material used is too thin.
    Thanks for your input though! Its the first time something like this happens to me - i am not a scammer.
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    Dont think you have a leg to stand on.
    When you bought it you had the chance to examine the quality.
    High prices dont neccesarily mean good quality.
    I find some of Next stuff is crap material and none of it is cheap

    Try your luck but dont hold your breath
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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