Funding a second masters (physiotherapy)


I am in my mid 30’s and am eying up a career change to a physiotherapist.

I went to uni at 18, and, like a lot of others, didn’t really have much direction about future careers (even after trying to seek it out…. It was before the internet!).

I also already have an MSc that I self-funded.

I am also completing a doctorate course (self-funded), that I would suspend or quit.

Now, I saw a Doctorate of Physio course late last year, applied, and got a place. However, the start date was Jan 2019, and I couldn’t sort things in time (I’m a home owner so would have to sell or rent it out).

The issue I have is the course is 3 and a half years long, self-funded, and full-time. And I need money for things like food ‘n’ stuff. Although I think I can budget for that, one thing I cannot shake is the huge loss of earnings over the cost of doing the course itself (over £100k based on my current salary).

The !Doctorate of Physio course only offers an advanced academic qualification. You’d still be the same “level” physio if you completed this course or a 2-year MSc or 3-year BSc.

Thus I am also looking at a 2 year MSc as id be out of employment for less time.

Now, although I can get funded for the fees of the Doctorate of Physio course, as far as I am! aware, I cannot get funding for the MSc as I already have one (despite the first MSc being self-funded and the physio MSc being a professional qualification as well so I am not than just wanting to do another course the hell of it).

So, in a very long winded way, I am asking for advice about how you could self-fund an 2-year MSc? Anyone know of any good loan options, for example?
Any advice apricated.


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