Has my gym broken my contract?

I would like your advice please.

I have been a member of a gym for 13 years since it opened in my area. I have had continuous membership paying upfront every six months.

I could use any gym in the UK with my membership.

The gym brought in a tier system a couple of years ago, where you could use any gym in your tier but not above. We were not aware of this, only by word of mouth by other members and after checking was informed that as we had an original contract, we could still use any gym.
I only do this if I am on holiday elsewhere or wish to use a gym slightly further away so it is not on a regular basis, only occasionally.

Now my membership is up for renewal, I checked to make sure this is still in place but was told that it wasn’t. My tier was only my home gym and unable to use gyms above this tier.

I feel that as I have had continuous membership with no breaks, I should be informed in writing of any changes to my contract, therefore the gym has broken my contract with them.

Would you agree with me?

If so, what do you suggest I do and how to word a letter to Head Office. I have already had conversations with my gym and the membership team via phone.

I know it’s only a small point but it’s the principle that a gym can change something without my knowledge, surely the contract I signed is binding both on my side and theirs.

Your opinions please.


  • If your contract is up and you need to renew, then you'll need to renew on the terms of whatever contract they offer.

    The contract was binding for the length of the contract.
  • Scrooge60 wrote: »
    I only do this if I am on holiday elsewhere or wish to use a gym slightly further away so it is not on a regular basis, only occasionally.

    what do you suggest I do .

    Join a higher tier club so you will be able to use both that and your local club.

    If you dont like the terms then leave and join somewhere else, but I doubt writing to head office will get you anywhere.
  • Out of interest, is this a Nuffield gym which used to be Green's? We have this and I only found about this when I went to a gym in London which to me, was a lower tier (far less equipment, less space, smaller pool, no jacuzzi etc) but it's London pricing so a higher tier so you had to pay to use it.

    The only ones I found that were higher were in London and even then, not all of them.
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    If you're renewing then your term has come to an end and with it the conditions.
    There are loads of gyms now, lots of competition for your custom.
    From what you've written above you haven't taken out another contract (or 6 months) so there's no contract to break... you can walk away unpenalised
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