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Just watched martin on politics live on BBC2, I am a leaver and i voted Leave, I know what i was voting for, I just want out, What i find amazing was Martin saying that we should extend article 50, I am so shocked and feel let down by martin, Anyone who knows about the art of negotiations should know that the way to get the best deal is to leave it to the last minute keeping no deal on the table.
The UK voted to leave and this should be honoured
politicians are playing games and to see martin siding in with extending article 50 really upset me.

The show itself was a who can shout the loudest.

I know that i wont be voting again for a politician, total waste of time


  • I'm for remaining in the EU, and whilst I also despair at the antics of our elected politicians, I congratulate Martin for expressing the current feeling, to a tee, of millions of us who listen, can filter and judge what we hear, and can express our own views and questions eloquently so that others may understand us clearly, yet still have to suffer the nonsense of time-wasting waffling and BS and majoritorian claptrap coming the other way at such an important time for our country.

    Martin Lewis for PM please.
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