Struggling with disability any advice would be very much appreciated.

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I am along time sufferer of tinnitus (ringing in ears) and I also have very bad OCD. I coped with it for most of the time I have had it (10 years+) but it is getting unbearable now to the point that I am becoming very depressed and on off suicidal thoughts with it plus I do not sleep a lot due to the worry of what to do in my job situation.

I work full time and clear £1400 a month. Unfortunately I am having to look for part time work as I find it a struggle to cope with the tinnitus plus my job has made it worse (no chance to prove this).

I am so desperate to find a job that is suited to my tinnitus (plus I can't face working full time anymore due to exhaustion) that I have recently applied for a 25 hours a week job which would only clear up to £900 a month. I worked out that I can afford to take it but it would leave me with no money at all to save so I guess I can't really afford to take it.

I am thinking of taking it if offered (getting a bit a head of myself here!) and then just take another job for 4 to 5 hours extra per week which would mean still only 30 a week and it would boost my take home to close to £1000 a month.

I will add that I find my job really really boring and depressing too, it's not the best of places to work, the job I applied for I would really like.

I worked out that take home of £1000 a month would leave me with £150 after all out goings plus I have about £1600 in savings (car) etc.

What I don't understand is that on paper this all looks scary but when I was out of work and on JSA a couple of years a go for 5 months I would only go into my savings by about £100 a month and I was only getting my £150 fortnightly JSA and a slight reduction in council tax (obviously rent was paid) but it worked out to about £600 a month over all.

Saying that I probably shopped for food cheaper to save money if I remember rightly.

I would not dream of applying for disability even though I have a long medical history and some hospital visits because of it but they would just scoff and dismiss me I'd imagine and it isn't enough money to get by on anyway.


  • Have you seen your GP about your conditions?
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    I'm not sure what you want advice about, as you've given no information other than your earnings. Can you be more specific?

    If you want benefits advice then more information is needed about your circumstances. Live with partner that works? dependent children? Own or rent your home? Or use a benefits calculator to see what you could claim, if anything. Maybe even visit your local CAB for a full benefits check.
  • Could I suggest that if you don't want to give more details here that you try and get an appointment with CAB?
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    This any use ?
    I'm hoping they can help you in discussions with your GP or another NHS based specialist - if nothing other than helping in claiming some financial support

    Edit to add - if they seem a little lack lustre, don't be put off, see if there's another tinnitus based support group out there - My experience - in general - is that while hearts might be in the right place, some condition specific support groups can be a little hit & miss (and that can also vary from region to region)

    Why am I in this handcart and where are we going ?
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