Eurostar delay help

My overnight Eurostar ski train from St Pancras to bourg st Maurice was delayed by 2 hours; this falls within Eurostar’s compensation policy for a 25% refund.

However, they gave us 48 hours notice of the delay. Does this advanced warning remove their duty to refund me? Their automated refund service says I’m not eligible but I can’t find anything regarding being notified of a delay in advance in their T&C.



  • Edit: since posting this I successfully got a 25% refund of my ticket and the customer service team created an online ticket on this particular train as their system was saying it wasn’t late. In order to help anyone else who rang up.

    I urged the remaining 6 members of my group to ring up individually and they have all since been given a 75% refund...

    We were sitting beside one another and had the exact same experience. Am I in a position to push further to have my refund raised? Or do I just accept what I have got as all of us were only eligible for a 25% refund.
  • Spend quite a bit of time on the Eurostar but never been delayed by more than 30 minutes. Had my ticket cancelled a few times and they had a completely FU attitude so from experience going to vote for the latter.

    Call customer service they’ll be able to give you a definitive answer.
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