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    Welcome to the thread little_green!

    It's never too late to make a change, so push on for the rest of the month - set yourself a target and aim for that - it doesn't necessarily have to be every day.

    Good work on the lentil soup bobbiz22 - I'd never have thought of using the sauce like that! I may also try your rice idea as I have LOADS of rice to use. A lot of it is sushi rice, but I don't have any fresh ingredients for sushi left - wondering if I could make a sort of asian-style rice salad with frozen/tinned veg and soy sauce. Watch this space...

    Used up the last of my smoked trout and finished a packet of crackers as my packed lunch today. Was gifted some seafood chowder this afternoon, which doesn't help me clear my freezer, but I did use up an egg (cracked it into the bottom of the bowl and poured the hot soup over - it gently poaches) which made for a delicious, free, dinner - and prevented some food waste.

    Plan for tomorrow is the rest of the seafood chowder for lunch, and a mystery tupperware out of the freezer for dinner. I have a training event for work tomorrow night, so will be short on time.

    I still have some pastry left, and I know there's some beef in the freezer, so i'm going to chuck that and whatever frozen veg I can find into a pastie, because pastry makes everything better. Plus, the made pasties can then be frozen and reheated when necessary.

    13/31 days done!
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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    today was spend free (yay!)
    hoping tomorrow will be too.
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    Sushi rice should work well with soy sauce, ground ginger & some garlic which i have tons of in the freezer (asda frozen chopped garlic is a saviour!)

    I ended up making rice and beans with the above additions - tasted lovely! Reminded me of a takeaway dish, similar to chow mein flavours maybe?. And as I have tons of the above in the cupboard, I can re-make this several times this month if needed :)

    Ooh the pastries sound good - I'm re-introducing meat into my diet from the 3rd February, which is good because I have 2kg of chicken in my freezer to be used up!

    Welcome little_green :)

    I'm 8/10 no spend (I finally had a chance to buy a vegan greggs sausage roll yesterday (totally worth it) but my total spend is really low since starting, only £4.39, including my £3.39 on my other spend day. Way less than usual though so I'm pretty happy with that. I'd like to keep total spend under £5 until 8th February...I wonder if that's possible haha!
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    Actually that's quite a good idea - working out my total spend from the start of January. Hadn't thought of that!

    Freezer mystery dinner last night turned out to be vegan chilli, which I really quite enjoyed. Total fail today though as was home late last night and therefore didn't prep any lunch (ended up buying a sandwich) and I was out for dinner with colleagues. :mad:

    Determined to be back on track this weekend though. Might also work out an estimate of what I've saved as an incentive.
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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    Another week almost done! Went to a seafood demonstration on Saturday so got a fabulous free lunch out of that one. Then tried to replicate the effect by being fancy with a piece of salmon from the freezer on Sunday...and gave myself food poisoning! So sent home from work on Monday morning, spent the rest of the day between bed and bathroom - at least it was a no-spend day! lol

    I had baked a loaf on Sunday as well, so post food-poisoning I've just been making my way through that this week topped with various things including my last avocado and a small tin of beans (as I've been sticking to slightly plainer food).

    I had however removed some steak from the freezer on Sunday night (pre-poisoning) so since it had defrosted, it needed used. Last of the Christmas cream, my last onion, nearly the last of my garlic, some mushrooms, the end of a jar of gherkins, plus spices, stock cube, mustard and tomato puree from the cupboard and hey presto - beef stroganoff. Had a bit of it last night as I was feeling brave and it's gorgeous - will probably make it again deliberately! The rest of it is destined for the freezer, but I did take out a portion of moussaka to have for dinner tonight and I will have to come up with something for tomorrow's lunch as well.

    Checked my bank account as well today - I'm guessing that I've saved about £150 this month which is a cracking result! If that holds true, I'm going to keep trying to clear stuff out and just top up with fresh fruit and veg (I'm really missing fresh fruit now) - then I can throw the spare at my credit card debt.

    20/31 days done!
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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    Nearly there!

    Made a sausage casserole on Sunday, so that used up some frozen sausages, last of the frozen onion, a tin of butter beans, tin of tomatoes and a packet mix. Bunged it all in the slow cooker overnight for a cheap and filling meal. Lasted for days too.

    Really looking forward to some fresh veg this weekend. Today's lunch is probably the strangest one yet - couscous, the last of my home-grown tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, the last few of a jar of pickled onions, and some gammon (from my sister - exchanged for some of the aforementioned sausage and bean casserole).

    Dinner tonight is not planned, so I'll have to be inventive. Think I will lift some veg broth out of the freezer for tomorrow's lunch, and then go all out with some fried chicken for my last meal as I know there's still some chicken pieces in the bottom drawer of the freezer.

    26/31 days!
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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