Royal Mail tracking without needing a signature?

Hi All,
Can someone, please, tell me how I go about getting a tracking number for my Royal Mail letter WITHOUT sending it signed for? I know this can be done, because it is the thing that the postie bleeps with his machine before putting it through my door, I just can't seem to find anything about it anywhere. Probably because I don't know what it is called.

(I would ask at my local post office but they don't seem to know even the most basic stuff.)

I had a packet sent to me recently, which didn't turn up, and I was given a number which tracked as being delivered to me. Again without a signature being needed.(I'm not talking about so-called signed for being delivered without a signature being obtained).

In that instance I was, with assistance from Royal Mail, able to prove that the packet with the number I had been given, was sent to a completely different address than mine, but, again, this was because I had a tracking number.

So, does anyone know how I get that service, please? Thanks.


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