Extending Tesco clubcard vouchers

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On the mse website it says to extend a voucher as you come close to the expiry date you can “Make a small purchase on the Clubcard Boost* partner voucher exchange site (not in store or on other Tesco websites) and the remaining balance is credited back to your Clubcard account as points. They'll then be reissued as new vouchers (with an expiry date two years in the future) when you next get a batch. So if you spend 50p on a £10 voucher, you'll get £9.50 as new vouchers.”

With regards to the “not in store” bit, I have not spent a voucher in store for over a year but I’m sure when I last did so then I received the change as points back to my account in the same way as happens when I get change from a Boost purchase. Hence anyone know if things have changed recently and thus that you now can’t extend the voucher by spending it in store too? Thks.

(Unless the above is just meaning you can’t make a Boost purchase in store....though if that is the case then not sure why it wouldn’t also mention just spending a voucher in store on groceries etc as a way of extending.)
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