I never seem to learn.

I started off small to build record back up and somewhere along the way over the last two years lost control again. Never before have I hit double figures but as off today I owe £18,032.00. Now £7k of that is a start up business loan so I am not counting that into my personal debt level, which still leaves me in double figures of £11,032.00.

I am going to start with the highest APR debts so I know which I need to concentrate on more.

APR 230:eek: Cashplus Idraft £85.00 (only ever used in extreme emergencies, such as wage didn't go in and DD was due out.

APR 49.9 Very £2874.02
APR 24.9 Aqua Card £4168.81
APR 0% til 06/2020 Barclay Card £3,382.09 Will stick to minimum payments on this one whilst I work away on Very. Cashplus will be a single payment then I need to find out how to get rid of the idraft facility.
I also have a £50 buffer O/D on my bank account which is cleared each time I am paid if I am in it.

All house bills have now been moved over to my DH's account, so I no longer have the worry they will be missed and to my credit they never were. DH has no debt/credit hench he is now having to be grown up and atleast deal with day to day bills.

My plan is pay Cashplus next week when wage finally goes in. With my Bank work at hospital that started 29th December pay a minimum of £250 a month on Very. Actual minimum payment is £155.09 for January which is due by 18th. Also to try an make an extra payment of £100 each month on Aqua Card on top of the minimum Payment which is set up via DD. Barclay card I will stick to the minimum payments whilst I tackle Very.

I am not going to put a time limit on paying these off as this has always failed for me.:(
19th March 2007 LBM£5,969.63 1st January 2018 £5960.18, 1st January 2019 £11,032.00
Student Loan £22244.00 From 2009-12
Challenges: To learn to stop spending..


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    Happy shiny new diary :)

    Baby steps are good.
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  • Good Luck :D Look Forward to following

    All the best for 2019

    “Once you hit rock bottom, that's where you perfectly stand; That's your chance of restarting, but restarting the way.”
  • Well that is new years eve shift completed and tonight I am doing another night shift, between the two they should come to roughly £270 after the 20% tax is deducted.
    19th March 2007 LBM£5,969.63 1st January 2018 £5960.18, 1st January 2019 £11,032.00
    Student Loan £22244.00 From 2009-12
    Challenges: To learn to stop spending..
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    Good luck and happy new year. Don't beat yourself up. You are trying again and that's what matters :)
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