Amazon Prime not so free delivery

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Hi All,

Bit of a question, and bit of an observation.

Today I purchased an item from Amazon, for which I have a prime membership, and the item was offered with prime next day delivery. After purchasing it I realized that I never checked other sellers to see if I could get it for cheaper. When I then checked it and saw that through prime it was £46.99 or alternatively it was 41.99 + 4.99 delivery.

Now for some time I have been noticing that items through prime are often more expensive, and the cynical part of me thought "well they've got me as I'll still pay a bit extra for being able to use the amazon lockers for delivery". But this time was far too close to the bone as both offers were from the same seller! Yes the same seller with 2 different prices, one fulfilled by the seller and one fulfilled by amazon, and suspiciously the price difference was the delivery charge.

So my question is:

Has anyone else seen this or have I been marked as a rube by the algorithm?

And I'm I right in feeling like I have been conned, or is it fair for the same seller to list the same item at 2 different prices meaning you ending up paying the same for the item and for prime membership on top of this?

Anyway, I feel aggrieved :mad:


  • Oh below is the link to the item in question
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    Neither of those items is sold by amazon.

    You think amazon comes and get's the guy's items and takes them to a warehouse and delivers them for nothing?

    I'd say the 1p extra is worth it for the quicker delivery.

    Nothing is stopping you clicking on all the options if you are willing to wait.

    Are you next going to tell us of the conspiricy where the same item it say £1 as prime add on item and £3 if you want it on prime without anything else?
  • Hi Carrot,

    Your point is noted and understood. However my counter argument is that one of the selling points for Prime is free delivery. Yes there are other benefits, however my point here is that free delivery is part of the service that I have paid for with my prime membership.

    How amazon then pay to administer this (pick item up and deliver), as a customer is not my concern.

    I totally agree that for 1 pence and a longer delivery time it would be very silly to cancel the order and buy directly from the seller. But again that is not the point. The point is that delivery is meant to be free, and in this case its clearly not. If the offer stated that the prime item was £41.99 + £5 for the next day delivery and use of there lockers, I would still take it as that is what works for me and only 1 pence extra. However that is not what has been advertised.

    Possibly you are correct and I am getting upset over nothing, but to me it still seams underhand and dishonest.

    So from your response I take it you agree that Amazon prime delivery is not free?
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