Did you spot all the Christmas puns in this week's email?

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For added fun, and in classic MSE fashion, we've sprinkled this week's Money Tips Email with as many festive films, lyrics and phrases as we could muster. Apologies if we've missed your favourite.

Did you spot them all? See the full list below to find out if you're as switched on as the Christmas lights.


  1. "For many, it's the most wonderful time of the year..." - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, song
  2. "...and avoid the nightmare before (and after) Christmas." - The Nightmare Before Christmas, film
  3. "16 ways to make it one magic Christmas for kids..." - One Magic Christmas, film
  4. "...are simply having a wonderful Christmas time." - Wonderful Christmastime, song
  5. "...and more tricks to cut costs on your Christmas carriage." - Christmas carriage, usually horse-drawn, sometimes pulling Santa Claus
  6. "You may not get Rudolph at the reins..." - Rudolph, fabled reindeer with luminous nose
  7. "...or be on the Polar Express." - Polar Express, film
  8. "...up until the night before Christmas or beyond." - Twas the Night Before Christmas, poem
  9. "Driving home (or somewhere else) for Christmas?" - Driving Home for Christmas, song
  10. "...used to being top to toe in tailbacks and with red lights all around" - Driving Home for Christmas, song
  11. "...left us feeling like we were walking in the air..." - Walking in the Air, song
  12. "...proof that only spending a bit doesn't make you a Scrooge." - Scrooge, fictional character known for miserliness and redemption
  13. "... bag a bargain while giving someone a very merry Christmas." - Happy Xmas (War Is Over), song
  14. "Some say it's not a proper Crimbo without dinner..." - Proper Crimbo, song
  15. "...last ooooorder dates." - Last Christmas, song
  16. "...get in before the last date for shops' elves to get it delivered..." - Christmas elves, supernatural beings with a background in toy-making
  17. "...to save you from tears... so you can get it to someone special." - Last Christmas, song
  18. "...or even treating your Santa baby to breakfast in bed." - Santa Baby, song
  19. "...not everyone cares about the presents underneath the Christmas tree." - All I Want For Christmas Is You, song
  20. "...eg, visiting those home alone." - Home Alone, film
  21. "...but as it's a time for giving..." - Mistletoe and Wine, song
  22. "If it's a world of plenty for you..." - Do They Know It's Christmas?, song
  23. "... in case the gremlins strike..." - Gremlins, film
  24. "...when it's cold outside." - Baby, It's Cold Outside, song
  25. "Whether it's a white Christmas or not..." - White Christmas, film
  26. "...don't want to be stuck when the weather outside is frightful." - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, song
  27. "Also, to look after your car's elf,..." - Elf, film
  28. "...and you'll be trading places so rights are transferred..." - Trading Places, film
  29. "...so someone else (hopefully) gets all they want for Christmas." - All I Want For Christmas, song


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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Thanked for the effort rather than the content!

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

    Hope is not a strategy :D...A child is for life, not just 18 years....Don't get me started on the NHS, because you won't win...I love chaz-ing!
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