Challenging Council Tax Band After Moved

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I'd be really interested if anyone else has been in this situation and how they got around it...On moving out of our property (New build in 2003) in September, we realised that all ourt neighbours in the same house type were in a Council Tax band lower than us. We have no extensions of improvements and sold prices of all our properties over this period are within £10-£20K of each other. I therefore believe I have sufficent evidence to prove we were placed in the wrong band. This has been the case since 2003. We realise we could be owed around £5K. I contacted the Valuations office in October, as soon as I realised, who said they won't correspond with me as I no longer live at the property, but they will review the property banding. They, therefore, won't tell me once this has been done, so I then don't know when to approach the council for a refund. The property is currently unoccupied as we sold it in a part-exchange with our new developer who is in the process of selling it on. My questions are these: How long does the process of reviewing a banding and correcting it, typically take? Do I have any right to appeal if the band remains the same and I no longer live in the property but can prove I overpaid for 15 years? I am worried that I will not get my refund on a techinicality that I no longer live there, albeit I only became aware of it on moving out. Thanks All!


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    It's not a "technicality" that you no longer live there, it's a fait accompli I'm afraid.

    If there is no adjustment to the band, then how would you have proof of "overpaying"?

    Only the the new owner or tenant would be able to make a formal appeal, so you should contact them and suggest they make such an appeal. If they are successful, you would also be refunded any overpayment of CT
  • Sorry if I was not clear...
    It's not a "technicality" that you no longer live there, it's a fait accompli I'm afraid.
    By 'technicality' I was referring to the fact this could be a basis for a refusal to a refund based on the fact that I no longer live at a property, i.e. am I wasting my time with this based on other's experience of the same situation.
    If there is no adjustment to the band, then how would you have proof of "overpaying"?

    I was referring to any appeal rights I may/may not have to a faillure of the VA to lower the band; I believe I have sufficent evidence that my property is in too higher band (i.e. all recent sold prices are the same as ours (actually higher) and we are the only one in the road in a higher band, despite properties being identical in room size, volume and the actual plot size).
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    You only have a right of appeal if you make a valid proposal, which of course you were unable to do. I would allow 4 months before you check the band on the VOA website.

    If the band is reduced, the council should refund you automatically, providing they have your current address.
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