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Hi - does anyone know what is Tesco's official policy regarding groceries delivery to flats? I live on the 2nd floor and there is no lift in my building. I've always used Tesco for groceries and they have always brought it upstairs, I've never even had to ask. I pay a midweek delivery plan and I'm pretty sure one of the reasons for choosing Tesco a long time ago was their "delivery to door" policy.

However, today the delivery man told me that it's at their discretion and they aren't obliged to bring my groceries upstairs - not even if it's one flight of stairs. This below is the text from their website, I wasn't able to find more than that.
How do you deliver?
Our experienced drivers use vans designed to keep your groceries at the correct temperature for their whole journey. The driver brings the shopping to your door, where you'll be given a delivery note to sign. If you ask, the driver will also take the shopping into your kitchen

If Tesco has changed their policy, is there any other supermarket delivering to flats (2nd floor)?



  • The driver I suspect was driving a coach and horses, so to speak, through his 'discretion'! Probably had more deliveries than normal and wanted to save five or ten minutes where he could.

    I'd give Tesco GHS a ring - they'll know you're on the 2nd floor (or should know), and be able to reassure you that any following deliveries will be to your door. They'll feed it back to the dot com manager at the store, who'll have a word with the driver.

    Don't rant and rave, just calmly say what happened, and you are not happy about it - ranting and shouting can be counter-productive.

    With a bit of luck - you'll get refund of delivery charge, and an ecoupon for next order!!

    Let us know what happens.
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  • Did the delivery driver take your groceries to your front door? You don't actually say that he didn't, just that he said it was at his discretion.
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    I live on second floor and had my groceries delivered today by Tesco .
    No problem had four crates of groceries delivered .

    Our lift was broken for 3 weeks ,he still brought the groceries up .

    nonesuch give Tesco a phone call ,I am sure they will refund delivery charge
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    When I lived in a second floor flat I once had a huge Tesco delivery for Christmas.

    I asked the chap if he wanted a hand bringing the stuff up - he declined and said it was against Health and Safety rules and he thought he could get into trouble if he let me help and I hurt myself....

    When he had done I tried to give him a tip which he said he could not accept, so I asked if he wanted a soft drink and a bar of chocolate. He said he wasn't even allowed to accept those. He said he'd be really grateful if I let him use my loo, but I mustn't tell anyone as he could get into trouble for that too!
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    nonesuch wrote: »
    ... 'sorry, I pay a delivery fee not to carry shopping up the stairs'...
    This made me laugh...:rotfl: I would never even think of saying such thing...the delivery costs maybe £2-3 if you pay monthly, how much can you expect for a couple quid...

    I live on a first floor and tesco drivers have always been nice to me. I normally meet them downstairs and take the groceries upstairs in two big shopping bags, but they always offer to take it upstairs for me, and even help me with putting groceries in the bags.
  • I used to live on the first floor, probably about 10 steps? It was usually fine, but once the guy turned up and said he "doesn't do stairs". I wouldn't have minded too much, but I was holding a crying baby at the time and this was when they were doing the "bagless" deliveries (maybe they still do?) so I had to go get bags to pack everything to bring it upstairs.

    They also used to leave their crates behind all the time, we had a permanent stack of crates in the kitchen.
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    A bit off topic but I just had a grocery delivery and the guy refused to bring it to my kitchen door because the hedge by the path is a bit overgrown.

    The way he was going on about it, you'd think it was like something out of "Sleeping Beauty". It's far from that.
  • Hi , maybe the driver was new ? or employed for the xmas period ?
  • Jesus. What do you expect. He's delivering your groceries to your door, the entrance door, not up 1 or 2 or 10 flights of stairs or around the back.
    They work hard and have deadlines. Health and safety,they are not obliged to carry your stuff upstairs, if they fall, could they not sue you the customer..
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    I had always assumed they would deliver as they have always done for the last 3 years - load the two plastic crates onto a trolly and bring them up the one flight of outdoor steps to the walkway serving my flat. But for the first time, I got a call from the driver - I'd have to come down and get it. Too heavy to bring up the steps - health and safety. In the end the driver did, one crate at a time.  My neighbours helped me carry them about 20 feet along our walkway. I was told it would be too heavy to get the two crates up on their trolly - health and safety.
    According to the Tescos website, "For deliveries to a residential apartment block, we will generally deliver to the front door of your apartment. However, we reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the property if the driver believes it is unsafe or not practical to deliver to your apartment front door."
    It made me recall how UPS and other delivery drivers behaved when I was at work - mostly, they would deliver to our business address on the first floor of our office block, but occasionally they'd leave it in the entrance hall downstairs.
    Summary: I, and probably most other Tescos customers, normally get that little-bit-extra from the Tescos delivery driver, because most of the time, they rarely adhere strictly to the Tescos delivery conditions I've quoted above.
    When I asked the driver why they hadn't followed my normal instructions to park in a different place where there was level access along a 50 yard walkway, the driver said they weren't familiar with that route.

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