Tesco set to get rid of £30 limit on Apple Pay transactions - MSE News

Tesco is set to abolish the £30 limit on Apple Pay transactions in its stores...
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'Tesco set to get rid of £30 limit on Apple Pay transactions'
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  • Anthorn
    Anthorn Posts: 4,362 Forumite
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    I have not made any secret of not supporting increased limits on Apple Pay transactions. My reason for that is that it does away with the normal limit safeguard of the £30 limit. In the event that my phone is stolen and cracked, the difference could be "You just spent £30" replaced with "You just spent £1500".

    The difference between Apple Pay and Contactless is more subtle than the article indicates. Apple Pay IS contactless. For example try registering an Amex card in Apple Pay and then try using Apple Pay in a place which doesn't accept Amex contactless, i.e. Wilko and you'll see what I mean.

    In conclusion in the event of fraud the retailer which has allowed an increased limit in conjunction with Apple should accept responsibility and provide compensation. I come to that conclusion because the limit and therefore in the event of fraud the amount spent is out of the control of the user.
  • System
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    Sainsburys have no limit on Apple Pay as paid £37 on a transaction
  • Mr_Singleton
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    Anthorn wrote: »
    In the event that my phone is stolen and cracked.

    Im sure that the C.I.A/F.B.I not to mention GCHQ would be very happy to discuss the cracking of Apple phones.
  • JIL
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    The person who cloned my credit card and linked it to Apple pay had no problems and no limits, numerous£100 transactions.
    On the first card, the second card and the third card. Despite me informing the bank I had not registered for Apple pay, they put a stop on the card and before I got the replacement card it was being used.
    Numerous supermarkets, eateries and fashion shops with transactions in excess of £30.
  • "Despite me informing the bank I had not registered for Apple pay, they put a stop on the card"

    I assume that's "and they put a stop on the card"...

    perhaps you could name the bank - I just want to know where members of my family stand if they use that bank too... as for me, I have no plans to use Apple Pay, but seems that's little or no protection, based on your experiemce. Feel sorry for you / angry about it on your behalf.

    Has anyone been willing to compensate, either Apple or the Bank ?
    Better luck for 2019 !
  • It's 2020, I can't find anything on Tesco site abt limit on ApplePay. Is it still limited? I got convinced to d/l the TESCO app. Its a bit clunky but gets around the issue. What's the latest? I'm doing some Googling
  • od244051
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    Good! Last year, I had issues with my bank card. Had a £8 off £40 coupon so my shopping ended around £33. It was a good job I had some money in my purse. Then paid the difference with Apple Pay
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